Reflecting...Your Thoughts Please - Posted by Curt(VA)

Posted by Doug Pretorius on April 21, 2000 at 19:11:02:

I’m in a similiar situation but in the reverse. I’m comfortable where I am (maybe too comfortable) but there are virtually no opportunities for making money in RE, creative or otherwise.

I think it all depends on how you feel about the situation. If you really hate where you are, then it isn’t worth staying, no matter the opportunities because you won’t be happy. There are of course places you could go where the opportunities are still good, but you like the area more.

If you don’t hate where you are, then I don’t see any reason not to become familiar with the business, not to mention add to your coffers, in an area you already know.

If you ultimately want cashflow (that is the road to wealth and financial freedom) then why not do some flips and rehabs in your area which will give you more money to buy more MHs or whatever, in the new area once you get there.

I don’t know if this was hopeful, but that’s my say :slight_smile:

Reflecting…Your Thoughts Please - Posted by Curt(VA)

Posted by Curt(VA) on April 21, 2000 at 17:54:42:


In a bit of a quandry right now. I’m a newbie just getting my feet wet in this business. I’ve done ALOT of researching in my area and I feel its a GREAT place to get started. Housing prices for the area are reasonable and creative techniques for buying & selling seem to be out there too. I have just one thing that keeps nagging at me: I’m not sure I want to stay in the area.

So here’s my dilemma: do I stay here because its a a great place to invest (and I’m hopeful I will do good)or do I move now to a place I’d rather be, but believe that I would have MUCH MORE competition in REI than where I am now?

Now I know many of you may say “Follow your heart, you’ll make the money there.” While I can appreciate that, my “real world” gut feeling tells me something else: there are just some areas where creative RE works better than others. I have read stories on this board many times where folks have had to move to another locale to do creative REI b/c the place were they were before just didn’t afford them the opportunities they saw at the place they moved to. (Ex. a guy moves from the northeast, say to the deep south b/c he REALLY wants to do a lot of Lonnie deals-knowing there are more parks there to do business in.)

My other thought is maybe its best to stay here for awhile (1-3 yrs), learn the business, and then after hopefully making a few bucks in REI, move to a place I’d rather be.

As you can tell, I’m kinda confused about this. I guess I got the classic “head v. heart” thing going on, huh?

All responses are greatly appreciated. My best to all for a great weekend.