Rehab Lender wanted Denver area - Posted by Suzanne K. Phelps

Posted by Amish Parikh on March 31, 2002 at 04:26:50:

Some of the information I would like to look into before saying Yes is what type of business deal would this be - by that I mean (LLP, General Partnership, LLC, etc.) I have a corporate structure of real estate investing with enough backing do what is desired. Where in the Denver area are these sites located? How much manpower do you have? What kinds of conditions are these sites in? What would be the corporations return on any given capital put forward?

If you can answer some of these simple questions we can go down the road further for more direct conversations.


Rehab Lender wanted Denver area - Posted by Suzanne K. Phelps

Posted by Suzanne K. Phelps on March 29, 2002 at 20:11:46:

I am looking for a lender for the Denver metro areas that is willing to lend “purchase price” and possibly “rehab” costs, on one property at a time to start then to evolve into multiple properties when track record has been proven and trust established. What do I have to bring to the table?
Well, not much capital and when I say not much I mean, “not much” that is why I am seeking you. Although I do provide everything else. Which includes but is not limited too; accurate and extreamly thorough reaserch on the given property and the area in which it is located. I am an experianced carpenter and have the resources and manpower to do most home repairs thus eliminating the inflated costs of contractor,(in most cases). I am asking for one chance, thats all I need to prove I will turn properties and be profitable.

Thank you in advance
Suzanne K. Phelps