Rehabbers' tape measure - Posted by Cletus

Posted by Berno on March 28, 2006 at 09:18:38:

but he might be able to explain that in 2006 that index finger of hers equals 14 inches back in 1950!

Rehabbers’ tape measure - Posted by Cletus

Posted by Cletus on March 28, 2006 at 24:46:57:

Rehabbers’ tape measure

I found a new item the other day at my local Nails N Pails family owned, conveniently located, neighborhood hardware store. When I turned down the isle underneath the sign that read ?Rehabbers Refuge? there was a display of new tools just for working on old houses. My mind went blank and forth for a while just drooling over one of the coolest tools I?ve seen in a long time. So I found myself making this slurping sound as I felt the sleeve of my shirt cross my lips, and it occurred to me, I hate those pesky buttons.

Anyway, it?s a tape measure that you can dial-in the year of the house you?re working on. Didn?t know the year made such a difference. Didn?t have one of these. Didn?t have the backbone to deny myself. I can see where this is going, I?m gonna need more room in my toolbox. I may be having a relapse of that dreaded ?toolerectisitus? again. And me with my medication at home in my toolbox.

Anyway, it seems that the builders of the 1950?s used a different set of standards than the builders of the 1890?s, or was that the 1990?s, whatever. As it turns out it doesn?t matter, my tape measure makes up for the difference. That old carpenters? saying of ?if it?s within an inch nail it? may only be good for one generation of craftsman as opposed to the ages. Who knew?

Anyway, what if it?s not an inch? I need to know this! I?m not saying I need to know everything, but I need to know this. Now, because of this new tool, I can match the house I am working on with the dimensional standards of the period. Or so it seems. As it turns out, I still have to buy the DVD that makes this whole package work. I was happy to spend the $39.95 on my ?Gauges for the Ages Tape Measure?, but another $69.95 for the software? Who?s kiddin? who? I think my toolerectisitus is causing that dang burning sensation again. Sure hope the wife appreciates that DVD for her birthday. After all, if I have to spend that kind of money I?d like to get some ?extra points? for my trouble.


Re: Rehabbers’ tape measure - Posted by Alvin Tebag WIlliams

Posted by Alvin Tebag WIlliams on March 28, 2006 at 09:03:03:

It’s probably not a good idea to let the wife have access to tape measures. She might accidently figure out that her index finger is not really ten inches long.