==> REI Bookkeeping Survey - Posted by Gary

Posted by Antoine on October 03, 2003 at 14:12:36:

I’m in GA. My CPA also does bookkeeping. It makes it easier to get my taxes done and she can spot tax write off alot easier whrn things are organized. She also can create a financial statement on demand when I need it. She charges about $60/hr. I have one rental, so my business is quite small. I would suggest that your bookkeeper has personal experience in real estate. Get some referals also.

==> REI Bookkeeping Survey - Posted by Gary

Posted by Gary on October 03, 2003 at 11:48:32:

Here’s a survey question for those that use a bookkeeper:

  1. Aside from time, what benefits has a bookkeeper provided you?

  2. What does your bookkeeper charge you? Is $200/mo reasonable?

  3. How big of a business do you have? This question relates to how much your bookkeeper has to keep track of for you. For example, I have a couple of rentals, a couple of flips/year and the normal marketing and admin expenses of a one-man shop.

  4. What separates an excellent bookkeeper from an adequate bookkeeper?

  5. Finally, what’s the biggest tip you can give an investor in looking for a bookkeeper?