REI Books??? - Posted by Josh, CA

Posted by Anne-ND on June 15, 2000 at 11:48:42:

Two great books that you probably can’t get on Amazon are by Lonnie Scruggs, but you can get them here (see upper left corner of this page under “Books/Courses”), for a great price. Even if you don’t want to get into Mobile Homes, these books are gems. They are really about notes and cashflow and investing. I was looking through them the other night for examples to practice on my new financial calculator, and was again just floored by the wisdom in those little books.

Other great books for starting out (not all specifically real estate, but pertinent to the subject):

Rich Dad Poor Dad (and 3 other books) by Kiyosaki
7 Habits by Covey
The Millionaire Next Door by (I forget)
Buy it, Fix it, Sell it, Profit by Myers (?)

Do a search on books in the archives and you’ll come up with a great list. Be sure to check your public library for many of these titles.

When you get more advanced, ANYthing by Bronchick and Kaiser (again, available here). Great stuff.

Good luck to you.


REI Books??? - Posted by Josh, CA

Posted by Josh, CA on June 15, 2000 at 11:11:46:

What are some of the better REI books out there?? there are soooo many on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, I don’t know where to begin?? I’m trying to stay away from those expensive infomercals…