REI Club In Rockville, MD?? - Posted by Robert

Posted by Peter_MD on August 19, 2002 at 07:04:43:


Did you get any responses to your post?

I too am in Rockville, MD and would love to entertain the idea of starting a new club.

I attend two Baltimore, MD clubs (one meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month and the other meets on the 4th Monday of the Month at the same physical location–VFW meeting hall in North Baltimore). It is an 80+ mile round trip for me and, although I really like the group, would truly enjoy something a little closer to home.

I called the phone number of the Bethesda club earlier this year around January and talked to the individual. You are instructed to call to ascertain the date and time of the next meeting. He told me I could attend and pay the fee only for one meeting and I would not be able to attend again unless I joined the club. I don’t particularily like being pushed around or pushed into doing something, so I just blew it off and continue to trek to the Baltimore meetings. I do like the meetings and they do have good speakers and a nice buffet. I just figured that I would continue to attend since I really had no other alternative.

I like the idea of starting a new club…once a month for a few hours with a good speaker and a buffet works really good toward getting the creative juices flowing.

I can be reached on my email address or on my office phone (301) 294-8960. I hope to hear from you…maybe something can come of this.

Who knows?


REI Club In Rockville, MD?? - Posted by Robert

Posted by Robert on July 11, 2002 at 08:27:24:

Does anyone know of a REI Club in Rockville, MD. Wash-DC metro would also work, but Rockville specifically. If I can not locate one in Rockville (a great place to live and invest, I might add) I just might start the club myself!! Why not? I have the time and high motivation. Thanks to all who reply here or to above e-mail.