REI Club in Virginia - Posted by Mark

Posted by Paul on June 25, 2000 at 23:09:17:

Hey guys wait!!!
we have a huge club here in the Newport News area, sure it’s a 45 minute drive but we’re already established and have a huge vast amount of expierenced members some have been doing re for 25 years… now that kind of knowledge and expierence is worth the drive. Especially if you want the knowledge. The club is called TRIG and we are listed in this site, POC Skip or Mary Saylor. Looking forward to seeing you.

REI Club in Virginia - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on June 25, 2000 at 08:51:01:

I live in Tappahannock, Virginia and am interested in associating with like-minded Real Estate Investors. Is there an established club OR anyone in somewhat local area interested in establishing one?

I am not a brand-spanking new investor, we (my wife & I) have our own new home and 3 rental properties acquired in various manners (1 VA foreclosure, 1 our previous residence, 1 refinanced our previous residence to take out some of our equity to purschase this one below market value; waving cash works! Nice if you have cash!)

We are still making mistakes but at least we’re out there offering away! But would like to associate/hear encouraging folks vs “That won’t work here”, “You are going to go broke!”, “BUT the interest rates are going up!” — type garbage

Yes we bought, studied Carlton’s course BUT it was ONLY one of many courses/projects we’ve embarked on! We have 3 +CASH Flow properties and we make more $ on every one of them EVERY month than we did in 18 months of the American Way!!! AND we don’t even have to make excuses or apologize for Real Estate!