Release Letter - Posted by Sal

Posted by Jim FL on July 05, 2003 at 22:46:11:

Just make it simple.
All the letter must say is that the barrower agrees to allow the lender to release any and call information regarding their loan account, and any written statements or correspondence to you.

Something like this:

To: Name of lender
Address of lender: 123 anystreet, anytown, somewhere

Account number: 555-5555-56575678
Address of property: 345 somestreet, sometown, st.
Barrowers: Joe and Sally Barrower

Date: 12/12/89

To whom it may concern:

We, the undersigned, hereby request and authorize you to release any and all information with regard to our home loan account, to YOUR NAME. This authorization is continuging, and shall not expire. We further authorize you to release any written correspondence, statements, or forms with regard to our account to the above listed person(s) as well.
This authorization may be transmitted via fascimile.


Joe Barrower
Soc. Sec. #: 567-76-8906
Date of birth: 12/12/45

Sally Barrower
Soc. Sec. #: 123-56-2347
Date of birth: 2/23/56

Something simple, and be sure to include the soc numbers, the date of birth for all barrowers, as well as the loan account number, and the property address.

Be ready to fac this in and perhaps wait a day, some lenders customer service centers will get them, but on their computer system authorizing you until the next day.

Good luck,
Jim FL

Release Letter - Posted by Sal

Posted by Sal on July 05, 2003 at 21:27:33:

I am looking for format of letter, signed by seller, allowing me to discuss loan with lender.

Can anyone help direct me?