Rent Ledger? - Posted by Pam WA

Posted by Pam WA on February 06, 2002 at 13:05:07:

That’s exactly the type of info I needed. I’ll give the Collections company a call and see how they would like it presented.
Pam WA

Rent Ledger? - Posted by Pam WA

Posted by Pam WA on February 06, 2002 at 11:48:44:

I am turning an account to collections (tenant I gave notice to, he owes back rent, etc.) and they want a copy of my rent ledger. I use triplicate receipts (one to tenant, one to tax file, one stays in book).

Will sending a copy of last rent receipts, notices of overdue rent, and final statement satisfy the collection agency? I also have the official accounting of Security/ Cleaning/ Damage Deposit, sent with certificate of mailing, within the 14 days required by state law.

What does an official rent ledger look like? I’m going to be switching to QuickBooks this year, and assume it will be easier to follow there. I also assume the tenants will still want receipts.

Thanks for your help on any or all of this!
Pam WA

Re: Rent Ledger? - Posted by David H

Posted by David H on February 06, 2002 at 12:26:15:

I’m not familiar with any “official” rent ledger form, but I would expect it would be, on paper or electronic form, basically a spreadsheet or card for the property in question, with a row indicating each month’s rent due, and amount paid or not, check number, receipt etc. It sounds like you haven’t been keeping one, but you should be able to make one up a posteriori based on your record of receipts.

Our “rent ledger” from Quickbooks is the report I run against my “Rental Income” account, filtering for the property in question, which has a unique “class” assigned to it.