Rental inevstment deal - Posted by TMoney

Posted by Jya-Ning on October 23, 2003 at 14:00:23:

Ask them how much they expect you to come out from your own pocket every month. And when there is no tenant, how much you need to come out with, and when tenant move out, how much you will expect to come up with to fix. Ask them in writing.

15 year loan for rental property. 10% for the management fee. 100% finance. If there still has any profit, everyone in your area should buy a house to rent out.


Rental inevstment deal - Posted by TMoney

Posted by TMoney on October 22, 2003 at 08:56:30:

There are still many open questions with this, but on the surface, does it sound like something that may be interesting.

A small real estate/broker company helps me find a property that we both agree is a good deal and rentable. This company is “hooked up” with a small bank in town that finances the mortgage for me 100% financing 15yr, 6.5%. The real estate company finds a renter and they manage the property. They receive the rent payment and pay my mortgage. They take 10% of the rent payment first. Any left over goes to me or pays down more principle on the loan.

What kind of questions would you be asking?