Rental Property Question - Posted by Mike

Posted by Arthur on July 16, 2003 at 12:20:31:

What price are you being offered this property and what would be its FMV if it was ok? It would have to be a very sweet deal for me to take a gamble on with those problems. Looks like the property is cursed, and could cost you a fortune in the long run.

What area you from?

Rental Property Question - Posted by Mike

Posted by Mike on July 15, 2003 at 23:43:57:

I am interested in a duplex for sale. However, it has had foundation work done due to visible cracking along walls and doorways. The work was done two years ago and there is no guarantee that the work has fixed the problem. Contractor says that the work will only minimize the movement of the foundation and even then only if the area around the foundation is watered when dry season occrs and drained properly when wet.

What has been you experience with purchasing homes with foundation problems?

Also, two years ago a termite problem was found and work was done to eliminate the termites.