Renting Homes - Posted by Ben

Posted by roger on September 11, 2003 at 15:02:14:

i’m in texas lived in three states va,md .tx always had to pay utilities , trash collect on water bill.
you can also add these to your lease if in your state landlores pay these just add to rent so you recoup some if not all of the cost.p,s Ben makes a good point

Renting Homes - Posted by Ben

Posted by Ben on September 10, 2003 at 22:56:44:

Besides paying Taxes and Insurance on a property what other expenses are there in renting out homes. The Tenant pays other utilities right?

Re: Renting Homes - Posted by Jay(OR)

Posted by Jay(OR) on September 11, 2003 at 02:32:57:

If you’re lucky, yes, the tenant pays other utilities. In the real world? Not usually. There’s water/sewer/electric/garbage/maintenance/management/gas/etc. From my experience, in single family homes, the tenant can pay their own utilities. Many landlords pay garbage service just so they’re sure it gets done. Others even pay water so they’re sure the lawn will be properly taken care of. So, when asking this question, you need to take all of these things into account. Now, if we’re talking about multiple unit dwellings, the majority of the time the water seems to be on one unit, and often the electric is the same way. In these cases, the landlord pays. Just remember to take into account management and maintenance. I don’t know about you, but my time is worth far too much to omit it from the calculations on a rental.