Renting my FHA house - Posted by Andre

Posted by jorge on September 07, 2003 at 17:10:24:


when you refi’d your house… was it a streamline loan or was it refi’d with another FHA loan?
I have lived in my house for about 1 yr and 3 months and I am renting mine out this Saturday… my tenants move in that day anyway… I already got their deposit and will get the rent on Friday…
Anyway, my loan said I had to live in it for atleast a year before I could do anything. I wonder though… how they would find out anyway?? But in my case it does not matter since I have been there longer than a year… maybe yours is the same… I don’t know… but It does say in your paperwork… you just have to keep reading…EVERYTHING… it took me forever to find it…

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Renting my FHA house - Posted by Andre

Posted by Andre on September 06, 2003 at 22:10:48:

Can I rent out a primary residence that I purchased with an FHA loan? I just recently did a re-fi earlier this year and I have a really low %rate. I’m considering relocating and I don’t want to have to sell my house, but I seem to remember something about a certain time period having to pass before I can rent it out. I can’t seem to find it in my closing paperwork.