Repair cost ? - Posted by alec

Posted by Pedro Gonzales on January 15, 2003 at 01:42:07:

Thank you for your input. With the assistance of a couple local veterans, am investing in my first mobile home (and am quite excited about the prospects of serving a need/profits resulting thereof!) in a family mobile home park – park rent of $410/mo – in a rural part of the Puget Sound area (town of “Gold Bar”).
The mobile home is a 1978 double wide 20’ x 55’ three bedroom / two bath model. The place, in my opinion, looks pretty trashed out. These are the following needs: Need to hire some “maid brigade” organization to completely clean this thing out (four people at about four hours together for around $100?). The ceiling/walls could use a spray painting (has water stains–particularly in the bathrooms); heard could get this done – would like in “eggshell” color – for $500?; new carpet/pad needs to be put in (Ron Legrand – in his wholesale/retail CDs – says you can do that for $1/ft?) approx $1000?, it could use a new door – the small window is busted out, and the outside could use a quick spray paint job (another $500?)-- suggestions, should do in simple white or two-tone it?, the yard needs “sprucing up” – lawn mowed, with some beauty bark and perhaps a couple rhodendrum plants (native to this area)on either side of the steps leading to the front door. Those steps leading to the front door could be painted (suggested color?)-- just plain natural wood (the kind with asnic injected into it) right now. The dishwasher needs new springs, or maybe I should just break down and have a new one installed $300. Would like to put a ceiling fan in living room, and blinds for the windows, full length mirror for adult bedroom. Electrical outlets need covers. The only soft spot in the whole house is a littl corner area near the bathtub. Has anyone every installed inexpensive shutters around front windows – heard this helps with single family houses & wondered if would have positive impact with mobile homes? I don’t expect the place to be the “Taj Mahal,” but ideally, would like to provide quality place to help move the place quickly, and provide for some decent housing for a young family. As mentioned, am pretty much a “virgen” with this business. I bought the house for $4000 from a helpful wholesaler (who’s holding my hand through this whole process), and ideally would like to sell for $19,500 on ten or fifteen year terms. I’ve just ordered the two books offered by Mr. Strutts, so you can see that I’m pretty much going into this in a “baptism by fire” sort of fashion. I welcome suggestions and comments from anyone reading this.

Repair cost ? - Posted by alec

Posted by alec on June 14, 2000 at 18:07:22:

What kind of prices we looking at to pay people to do minor work on mobile homes.
new carpet
exterior and interior paint.

What kind of prices can i expect ?


Repair cost - Posted by Jack-(NY)

Posted by Jack-(NY) on June 14, 2000 at 21:02:13:

This could be a broad question.

Do you want a professional, or a handyman, or do you want to do the repairs yourself?
Do you want new material, or second hand material?
Also is depends on where you live. Your best bet is to spend some time at your local Homedepo, Lowe’s, or whatever material store you may have near you. Spend a half day just walking around jotting down prices of the most common repair items, you’ll be surprised what you could learn doing this. Another tip, if you plan on doing a lot of repair work, you may want to invest in a cost book/repair remodel book. Marshall & Swift has some reasonably priced cost books, ranging from $40 to $100. Here in New York I can hire a handyman for $8.00, as for banging out these Lonnie type homes all you need is the basic handyman.

Carpet, indoor/outdoor $1.80 per sq.ft.
Wall Finishes, Paint .50 per sq.ft.
Paneling, $1.55 per sq.ft.
Wall Paper, $2.50 per sq.ft.
Sheet Rock, $1.20 per sq.ft.

Note: Normal waste is built into the cost!

Hope this helps… Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Jack, NY