Repairs without some of the frustration


Hi All! Hopefully this post attempt works. I want to include the terms below in all my repair contracts. What else should be included? Is it too much? Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

"The following is incorporated into the contract for repairs between ____________________________ and ____________________________________________, including any subcontractors engaged by _______________________________________.

Parties agree that all repairs will be completed by _________________________. By


Daggit!! The preview shows the entire post. Then when I go to post, only a portion is captured. What is wrong here? This should be deleted as it makes no sense. The substance is missing. I think I’m done here.


Hi Mikey,

I think you can try to post the content without the underscores ( __________) , just use … for example. Hopefully that works!


There is an interesting post a few years back on this site regarding this matter. Apparently it pertains to insurance requirements as well between you and the contractors. See:…posted-by-brad

Most important is you’ll have to ascertain whether the individual you’re hiring is licensed and insured. Insurance companies will not insure if they’re not.

Hope this helps.