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Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 16, 2002 at 04:25:41:

The following is a letter which I wrote to Peter Conti a couple of months ago:
I am writing this to you because of the overwhelming heart felt ending you graciously provided
us in your book. I much like yourself worked in a automechanic shop, fortunately I worked up front as a service advisor, I didn’t have to undergo the physical strain that you had to. I did give up one thing though I was giving up time I worked anywhere from 55 to 75 hours a week, finding it almost impossible to accomplish anything in my personal life. I am 21 years old and have accomplished things far beyond that of men twice my age with 10 times the experience. However one day after 2 and a half years working for the company I was called in to the president’s office, mind you that after 2 and a half years I had never had a conversation with this gentleman. I went in with high hopes wanting to share some of the information that I held inside that could make the company millions more than it was that I had spent countless hours putting together and proving on paper. When I showed up to the meeting, I had presented this wonderful proposal to him. He looked at the folder that I had put it in ever so neatly with clear view binders, and without even opening it tossed it to one side of his desk. He wanted to talk to me about my numbers that month and how they were falling. He then told me what I was capable of and what I wasn’t capable of, this really hurt because the amount of time I invested into the company and the things that I have accomplished that have never been seen in the company out it’s 26 stores. He didn’t know me or what I’ve done for the company, but yet because of my age he was telling me that I wasn’t capable of running my own store, I didn’t even mention anything about running my own store! The next morning I quit the company and vowed that I would never work to that extent just to be pre judged by someone who had no idea of my capabilities. Then I came upon creative real estate investment, and saw how this was the vehicle to the freedom that I had always wanted. It has been 2 months now after I quit my job, I have established my real estate company and spent countless hours searching for funding (mainly because I wanted to surpass my president’s wealth in the matter of months just to humbly show him a life long lesson) I am fluent in all the creative real estate techniques and have had a mentor over the phone, but I am a hands on type of guy I desperatly just need to be walked through one of these deals to insure the confidence in myself! During these past 2 months, I have experienced a new grasp on life and look at it with a whole new perspective, I now take the time out to look at the sky and hold in those things that I would have normally been way too busy to pay attention to. Even though I didn’t have alot of money I still felt a glimpse of what it is going to be like standing and living in your shoes and it was awesome. I also had the opportunity to change someone’s life 180 degrees he was a 38 year old man who was into drug trafficing and spent half his life in prison and was convinced that he would never be able to change. I was the only person in his life that believed in him and was able to provide the hope to make a complete difference in his life, And you are right true happiness and wealth come from helping others!!! ten fold…
I currently am stuck and am grasping out for you Peter I need someone to walk me through, I have apr. 2 weeks of money to support myself on, I have put up alot of advertising and am down to just enough money to run 1 or 2 more ads, I am late on all my payments and hoping to have just enough to keep my telephone on so that I can continue my business. I have all the time in the world and am willing to do anything to have you teach me! If it means sleeping in my car for a month, eating out of garbage bins just so I have enough money to get to you I will do it. You see lease option is no longer a want or an if, it is a need and a must. There is that distinctive point in my life which I am sure you and all other successful real estate investors have experienced at some point, that point where you KNOW you will never work for anyone else…YOU KNOW that lease option is a powerful rewarding technique that will provide you financial freedom. I hold onto the vision of my future imagining what it can be like I imagine it to a point that is so vivid and real that you cannot help to become happy and humbled at the same time the vision is almost unreal could life really be this good? Can I live a life devoted to my family and participate in all my kids activities? Can I live a life not stressed because I don’t know how am I going to pay the bills?.You see a life like this to me, someone who has never personally known somebody who wasn’t focused on trying to pay there bills, and being brought up so that anything I wanted since I was 13 I had to work for with no help from parents or family, a life like this is almost unreal! I know it’s there… working hard has been all I’ve ever known. I tell you what after one month of working on my business and lease options learning everything I could possibly learn everyday of the week sometimes 12+ hours a day I realized like a light switch that I was -WORKING- The thought that it being worked never crossed my mind, this wasn’t work I was free to do whatever I wanted (which amazingly enough was my real estate investing career and business) Is it work when you actually enjoy what you do and can’t get enough of it? This wasn’t the type of work I had ever experienced.
You might recall back to your conference about a month ago in Colorado I wanted to go to your conference so bad…just to give you an analogy… You looking forward to going to Maui on vacation with your family still didn’t amount to how much I wanted to go to this conference. I found out just the day prior to about it…I wrote an email saying that if you would accept 1 late entry let me know Just give me the 17 hrs notice in advance so I can drive there and be there monday morning. Now once again there is the money situation and on Davids site it said that the tickets were $300.00 to attend which I had wanted to pay $150.00 and pay another $300.00 on a promissary note as soon as my first deal cashed paying considerable extra in time for the consideration unfortunatly david’s staff wasn’t accepting of this offer.(this was a month ago I didn’t remember the exact dollar figures, but these are about right) unfortunatly I wasn’t able to attend, now maybe you can lay this to way side but a couple days after that I went to your site (peter Conti) and found out your were selling them for $69.00!!! Peter let’s say you only had $100,000 dollars and the trip costs $99,500 and you didn’t know when the next time you would be getting money. You decide that it would be to risky right? so you pass up the trip to Maui which you were looking so forward to. After the flight had left and you would have been sitting on the beach sipping your martini’s you realize that you could have gone to Mauii and would have plenty of money left over to not have to worry about surviving, but because you bought a ticket from a guy you believed was the owner was actually the owner’s brother who was selling them for triple the amount than what they were worth. How do you feel? This is the feeling I felt when I saw the $69.(now I am not quick to point fingers I could be wrong, possibly it was for another conference or just a reservation fee. correct me if I am wrong.)
Once again please help me… I do not have to be trained but merely walked through to give me that added self confidence that I have seen it done, I have done all this up to this point without actually talking to an investor face to face or seeing for myslef some deals that were structured. This is all I need it is the last key to opening my door of unlimited wealth, please provide me that key so that I can make everlasting change in others who sit in my same position right now. Thankyou Peter and I hope that everything is going well with your book I tried supporting it as much as I can even mentioning it to all the people who write me wanting me to be their mentor (funny haven’t even done one deal and I have people writing me wanting me to teach them…even a lawyer out of san diego, I live a little north of San Diego.) I believe I live alot closer to David if I am not mistaken, It would help me out tremendously just to have a lunch with David I would even pay for his lunch and pick him up at his house all I need is his brain :slight_smile: One lunch alone would set me straight and give me the confidence I need to create an outstanding life because I would have a real life tangible role model.Peter if there is anything you can do I would appreciate it, but I would understand if you can’t you are a very busy man and I know that.I have attached a picture of myself to obtain a difference from all the other letters you probably get, and to add that personal touch. (If you can’t tell I’m trying desperatly to find that key to the last door out of thousands of doors to personal freedom and happiness) And also one of the best sales techniques is relationship selling because if I can provide that one extra thing that makes me stand out above the crowd I’m going to do it! success can happen for anyone regardless of any circumstance, it’s just to have the want so bad that you would be willing to give up everything in your life to achieve it (with the exception of family,for they should be your number one success for it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor…fat or ugly they will always be there for you unconditionally and to give that up you would have to be a fool)
Fighting to the end to take my place on this earth,
Shawn S. Knowles
Owner Tri Financial Real Estate

P.S. Michael please please make sure tha Peter reads this, he doesn’t have to respond if he doesn’t want to, but just let him read it. ( I could imagine how it would feel to have someone write something like this to me, a himbling self inner satisfaction much like the feeling I got when I changed Kidd’s life (the 38 year old that spent 15 years in prison) I was able to do it in one day!

This next one is a correspondance to Claude Diamond:
Your right, i just wished I had expected your call, so that I would have prepared, but my fault… I think I was just a little choked up, because after all your site was the first site I came across when studying real estate. So I guess you were just kinda like my role model. But I do have to admit that it did sorta hit me personally, you came off acting like you were too good for me. ie. " Shawn do you have $25,000 dollars…" “no” “then why am I even talking to you” Now whether this is part of your guts course or what I don’t know, but I soon got over it when a guy called me right after you… telling me that I soon as I get the rest of my business info over to him he would have a check in my hand in 72 hrs. for $250,000.00
and then another one in two years… but this one will be large enough for a dramatic change.
and no it doesn’t have to be paid back! So I quickly got over it."
Shawn S. Knowles
Tri Financial Real Estate
P.S. keep this email, and refer back to it… Your going to see some awesome things out of me! real soon!

>From: cdmentor
>Subject: Re: Need accountability iinvestor
>Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 10:08:12 -0700
>Hi Shawn,
>Not sure what we accomplished byt eh phone call but it was good to speak
>with you again.
>Best Regards-Claude Diamond J.D.
>Be Well-Claude
>Claude “The Mentor” Diamond
>Success, One Person at a Time !
>Diamond Consulting Group-(970) 726-7979
>Website :
>Newsletter Library/Archieve (10 Years of Great newsletters)
>Claude Radio:
>“Let me work with any motivated and hungry individual;
>teach them on a One- On-One basis my principles of Success and together we
>will produce a wealthier and yes, a happier person in 30 days.”
>If you would like to be removed from this email list just send a return
>email with the word “Remove Please” in the subject line
> I am in need of help from a qualified investor to work with, I quit my
>job four weeks ago to do creative real estate investing full time. I am an
>unbelievable motivated person capable of outstanding results! Yet after I
>quit I found out that I am a poor personal manager. I need to find someone
>willing to let me work with them for a couple of days in the southern
>california area. I am fluent in creative real estate investing techniques
>from lease options, pure options, rehabbing, quick flipping, bird dogging
>I just need to be walked through from phone call to end of a deal. In return
>I will offer my own services “Making errands that might have to be done,
>helping with making phone calls to F.S.B.O’s, structuring deals for you,
>property inspections, market analysis etc.”
> I would also like to be shown through a few deals that you have done
>and tell me how you did it, the best way of doing it, and if there’s any
>better way of doing things than I am currently doing now. I have been
>working with Michael Carbonaire out of Florida, he does about 3 to 4 lease
>options a month, we have been contacting by email and phone, but that is not
>enough I need some personal interaction. So if this sounds appealing to you,
>and you would like the assistance, or would just like to help out a fellow
>investor then give me a call or write back. (909) 461-0558
>Personal Info:
> I currently live in Murrieta (that’s in between San Diego and L.A.) I
>am a 21 year old business prodigy. I have already in my life started a few
>businesses and have worked hard to examine every opportunity. I was one of
>those kids in class that would refused to read the assigned reading, and
>instead fought the school board to allow me read business books and self
>enrichment books so that I would have common world useful knowledge that
>would later benefit me in life, instead of reading a book about a flying pig
>that can talk and has human friends? ( I still think it’s pointless).
> Recently I came unto creative real estate investing. I have been studying
>it for a month and a half (You might think that’s not long, but you would be
>amazed at what I can accomplish in that amount of time!) In that amount of
>time I structured my business “Tri Financial Real Estate” I have learned
>about all forms of real estate investing. I currently will have my website
>up and running mid way through next week I will be providing E-commerce and
>free information on creative real eestate investing, along with postings of
>my current deals and past deals, I will have a place for residents to list
>there for sale by owner ad free of charge. I have relentlesly seeked out
>funding and every form of it in order to fund my business completely, I am
>mid way through my business plan and have funding sources requesting copies.
>I have spoken with many corporations on funding from 1 to 10 million dollars
>and have gotten positive feed back. I am able to take my com
>I have already had many requests from people I don’t know wanting me to
>mentor them. etc. etc. etc. I am also a very powerful salesman. (sales
>techniques is also one of my studies)
>I look forward to hearing from you!
>Shawn S. Knowles
>Tri Financial Real Estate
>" Passionatly seeking creative ways to overcoming objections and succeeding
>in our goals" company motto.
>" Unfortunate situations does not complicate life, it is our reactions to
>those situations which complicates life." Sorry, this is just a qoute I came
>up with while writing this so I thought I would write it down.
>MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: Click Here

This next one is from an investor out of texas who wrote to me:

> Hello again Shawn:

I hope that your current deal works out, but if it doesn’t, don’t sweat it.
There are plenty of deals out there to be made. Since you are just 21 you
have time to make a few mistakes ( assuming that you can learn from them) and
still come out on top. If I had started in the REI business when I was 21, I
would probably have been able to retire at age 41. But that’s the way things
go. Thanks for the mini bio. You are going about REI in the right way by
reading, observing and listening to people who know what it’s all about.
Don’t try to learn everything overnight; that won’t happen.

Let me give you a little background on my wife and I. I was terminated from
my real “job” in December of 2000 due to a series of knee operations that
left me with about a 25% loss in range of motion to my left leg. After over
30 years in the commecial construction business I was out of work. While I
was terminated without prejudice, it looked like I was going to have a rough
time getting another job in the industry because of the minor disability.
Therefore, I figured that I would use some of the other talents that the Lord
had blessed me with. To make a long story short, I saw a Ron LeGrand
infomercial on TV and ordered the mini-course that they were advertising.
After going through the materials several times I decided that this was
something that I could do. Then in August of 2001 my wife was offered an
early retirement package from her long-time empolyer which she decided to
take. (The package was a very good one.) In September of 2001 she decided to
get involved in the REI business after going through Ron LeGrand’s material a
few times. By this time I had also purchased copies of Ron’s 3-mod Cash Flow
Systems (kind of pricy but well worth the money as we look back on it.) and
we had both gone through them and joined our local REIA here in the Dallas
area. Anyway, we have been at it full-time since September of 2001 and are
starting to see some real good results. As a matter of fact, this year, 2002,
we should be able to duplicate our former salaries (and then some) with less
stress and pressure than we experienced in our old jobs.

I stick with rehabs and wholesale flips while my wife prefers to deal in
Lease/Options. She is now thinking about trying a few Subject To deals and
we’ll see where that take us. We were 61 and 62 respectively when we got
started and I only wish that I had gotten canned from my real “job” 10 years
earlier and had been in this business. No telling where we would be on the
success scale.

Your decision to quit your regular job and jump into REI is commendable and I
wish you well. Even if you screw up, you’re young enough to do something else
for a while and then get back into REI whenever you’re ready. By the way, I
had to make 17 offers before I did my first deal and only made $2,200.00 on
it. But I figured that I had a total of only about 16 hours in the deal; that
equates out to $137.50 per hour. I never made that kind of money on my real

Your comments about having success on the inside as well as on the outside
are correct. Dr. James Kennedy once said, “The only person who can sign the
death warrant to your dreams is you!” I believe this.

As a “kid aspiring to fulfill his dreams” you are on the right track and have
the right attitude. You’ll make it!

We have a daughter living in the Santa Ana area and visit at least once a
year. We should be coming out somwtime in June or July. When we get our
schedule in order I will e-mail you and let’s see if we can get together and
shoot the breeze for a while. I will expect you to have completed a few deals
by the time I get to California; you can tell me all about them.

I’ll sign off for now.

Good Luck & Happy Investing and let me know if there’s anything that we can
do to give you a heads up in the business.

Mike Malan (Tx.)


Not even what you read is commitment, this is probably 1/100th of what I have actually done!

reply to all the answers your problems - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 15, 2002 at 20:28:02:

In regards to your last post Ed:

you said “I don’t have a problem. As a matter of fact I’ve always considered myself a problem solver.I also have second thoughts of having you call me. I think it would be a waste of both of our time.”

-First of all I was not concluding that anyone had a problem, the title to the ad was created to intrigue people in to read my message so that I could get more help—it’s the same concept that newspapers use, the title has little to do with the actual meaning of the message. and I would like to say it worked… I used --even you Ed-- to draw you into responding to my message because I was in hopes that you could help me out. I wanted you to know the kind of passion and commitment I have put into this to hopefully play on your emotions, to make you see the works I am trying to create, and offer you an opportunity to be a part of that.

you said “I also have second thoughts of having you call me. I think it would be a waste of both of our time.”

I get the impression here that you are unsure of what I am capable of or You feel publicly degraded or hurt because I was questioning your response, a man of your stature is always right. right? You are here to help people not to get help.You also have two contradictory sentences one right after another–you said you consider your self a problem solver–yet the next sentence you are doubting your own problem solving skills by almost refusing to solve a problem which would be in the financial benefit of both of us more than you even know!

you said " It was Bruce Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon, that said you must empty your cup before you can taste my drink. In His book TAO of Jeet kune Do. He says Empty your cup before it can be filled; become devoid to gain totality"

This is agreed I have proficient studies in enlightenment, I am 100% confident in myself and my capabilities. I have let go of all my old beliefs which were hurting me and intitally became devoid of all my old ways. I believe I have emptied my cup I’m just waiting for the waitress to come back around and accidentally over fill it. I have emptied my cup by getting rid of my old beliefs and depending on what level you want to take it to I have even emptied my bank account, my pride (I no longer worry what others think of me, my emotions do not get hurt and I cannot rely on others opinions because if I did I would be forming limiting beliefs that restrict where I am going) I merely get opinions for the purpose of getting doubt which I use to propel myself to the next level. I am very intense and work each day as such without getting burnt out or slowing down, I have no doubt of my capabilities because doubt is the main factor that slows people down and intitially stops them from going through with their dreams and achieving all the things they want out of life.

you said “Shawn, at this time I feel that you are heavily involved with what I call MENTAL MASTURBATION. You’re playing with your brain.”

Once again you are absolutly right, but you say it like it’s a bad thing— mental masturbation is caused from having a belief and wanting something so bad that you are willing to do everything to get it, you rack your brain to find every solution possible to achieve your dreams–and because of my mental masturbation I have become very creative which has lead to what I believe the key to true succes.
Certainty-confidence-mental masturbation-creativity-never giving up. These are all in the same catagory with true success and unbelievable results. The following is written by Andrew Collins who up until recently was ridiculed by the public for his mental masturbation. "and yes they used that exact word"
A Special Report by Andrew Collins

A ‘lost city’, that could turn out to be the fabled city of Atlantis, has been located by a Canadian scientific research team. In a press release dated Havana, 14 May 2001 Reuters of London informed the world that Soviet-born ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky, the president of Canadian-based company Advanced Digital Communications, had detected ‘a sunken city’ in deep waters off the west coast of Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean.

Satellite-integrated ocean bottom positioning systems, echo sounders and high precision side-scan double-frequency sonar have detected the presence of what are being described as ‘shapes’ that ‘resemble pyramids, roads and buildings’. Their regularity seems consistent with the idea that they represent an ‘urban development’ composed of ‘symmetrical architecture’.

Reuters reported that the deep-sea city is located on a huge land plateau lying in around 2,200 feet (700 metres) of water. Furthermore, that in Paulina’s opinion the complex belongs to ‘the pre-classic period’ of Central American history, and was populated by ‘an advanced civilization similar to the early Teotihuacán culture of Yucatán’.

‘It is stunning,’ she said during an interview with the Reuters representative at her office at Tarara, on the coast east of Havana. 'What we see in our high-resolution sonar images are limitless, rolling, white sand plains and, in the middle of this beautiful white sand, there are clear man-made large-size architectural designs. It looks like when you fly over an urban development in a plane and you see highways, tunnels and buildings.

‘We don’t know what it is, and we don’t have the videotaped evidence of this yet, but we do not believe that nature is capable of producing planned symmetrical architecture, unless it is a miracle,’ she added.

Paulina is cautious about what lies beneath the glistening blue waters of the Yucatán Channel, admitting only that she is ‘excited but reluctant to speculate until a joint investigation with the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society takes place early this summer.’

The discoveries were made last summer during deep-sea surveys made by Paulina and a trained scientific research team aboard the Cuban research vessel Ulises. Sonar images revealed ‘an extensive series of structures’ over a several-mile area in darker and lighter shades. The site is close to the edge of the underwater geological feature known as the Cuban shelf, which falls off sharply in a series of shelves which drop down to several thousand metres, and it is on one of these shelves, in around 600-700 metres of water, that the structures are to be found. The mass of rectilinear features are said to be located in the proximity of an ‘extinct volcano, geological faults and a river bed’. This last fact alone shows that the land shelf, which rises to a height of around 40 metres, was once above water.

‘Whenever you find a volcano, there is often a settlement associated with it,’ Paul Weinzweig, Paulina’s husband and a director of ADC, observed. ‘I don’t know the exact relationship, but it is in the same vicinity as the volcano, the fault lines and the river. They’re quite close to one another.’

On the matter of whether the sonar imagery really does show ‘pyramids, roads and buildings’, Paul stated: ‘We had been looking at the images for some months, and keep a picture on the wall showing pyramids in the Yucatán, and let’s just say they kept reminding us of these structures. They really do look like an urban development.’

As to whether the light and dark areas of the sonar imagery appear to be three-dimensional features or not, he answered: ‘There’s a lot of symmetry, apart from actual shapes, and some suggestion of structure. Some American geologists have looked at them and said that the darker shadings are suggestive of metal roofing.’

In order to explore the site more closely, ADC are currently planning to send down remote robot video cameras and a one-man submersible. We therefore look forward to further news of these discoveries in the coming months.

The Search for Sunken Vessels

ADC’s intentions had never been to search for sunken cities. Their scientific operation to survey the deep waters off the Cuban coastline forms part of a joint venture set up between the Canadian company and the Cuban government, in particular its state partner Geomar. One of their principal aims is the location of the billions of dollars of bullion and lost treasure disgorged from sunken ships since the time of the Conquest. As Paul said: ‘Cuba has the richest galleon cemetery in the world.’

Over the past 500 years it is estimated that hundreds, if not thousands, of vessels must have been lost in Cuban waters due poor navigation, piracy on the high seas and the violent Caribbean storms that plague the region on a frighteningly regular basis.

Visa Gold, a Toronto-based low-tech company which operates out of Havana’s Marina Hemingway, claims already to have found some 7,000 objects from sunken vessels. They include jewellery, diamonds and pistols, said to have come from a brigantine called Palemon, lost off Cuba’s northern coast in 1839. Visa Gold’s next target is the Atocha y San Jose, a Spanish vessel. It sank in Havana Bay in January 1642 after fleeing storms at sea.

The renewed interest in treasure salving in Cuban coastal waters comes in the wake of Fidel Castro’s government recognising the fact that it does not have the ocean expertise or the inclination to conduct scientific operations of this nature. Its divers, who are considered to be among the best in the world, have been diving off Cuba’s coast treasure hunting for decades. Yet Cuba lacks expertise and technology for deep-ocean search and science, which is why they have invited ADC to take up the challenge. Their 80-metre oceanographic reseach vessel, the Ulises, uses high-tech equipment and a highly trained scientific team to survey the ocean bottom up to a depth of several thousand metres. It was their high-skilled sonar software analysts who detected the reported underwater remains in the Yucatán Channel.

‘These projects are very important in helping us rescue things from history, which contribute to our national patrimony,’ said Eddy Fernandez, vice president of Geomar. ‘As you know, we have financing problems. This is a very expensive activity. They give us technology and financing. We provide historical and ocean expertise’.


The implications of ADC’s discoveries off Cuba’s western coastline are far reaching and quite extraordinary. In an on-line pole, conducted by the NBC home news service MSNBC, of the 1827 people who had voted by the end of 26 May 2001, no less than 73 percent believed that the find ‘could be something big: Next stop, Atlantis’.

It means that already NBC are considering the possibility that the sunken city could be linked with Plato’s account of the lost city of Atlantis. This is good news for me, as my book GATEWAY TO ATLANTIS, published in 2000, concluded that the most likely location of Plato’s sunken empire was Cuba, the first time that this country had ever been proposed in this respect.

I pointed out that the evidence contained in Plato’s works the TIMAEUS and CRITIAS hinted strongly that his view of Atlantis was based on stories and rumours reaching the ancient world via Phoenician and Carthaginian who were crossing the Atlantic prior to his age. Moreover, Plato’s description of Atlantis’ great plain, said to have been 3000 by 2000 stadia (552 by 368 kilometres) in size, matches very well Cuba’s great western plain. Before the rapid rise in sea-level following the end of the last Ice Age this stretched southwards across the Bay of Batabanó to the mysterious Isle of Youth and was originally 540 by 160 kilometres in size.

Although I speculated in the book - which has now been published in the USA, Italy, Holland, Germany and Portugal - that the Atlantean city might await discovery beneath the shallow waters of the Bay of Batabanó, news that a sunken city may now have been detected in the Yucatán Channel, between Cuba and the Yucatán peninsular, is exciting news. Incidentally, ADC have plans to explore the Bay of Batabanó during the next year, so it should be interesting to see what if anything they find here.

The Search for the Mother Lode

In September 1972 American oceanic explorer J. Manson Valentine, flying over the Bahamas in a light aircraft with and his associate Jim Richardson, noticed a mass of rectilinear and curvilinear features in shallow waters on the south-western edge of the former Bahaman landmass (now the Great Bahama Bank). Valentine referred to this mass of possible archaeological features as ‘the mother lode’. They faced out across the Old Bahama Channel, like some kind of ancient port serving the Cuban mainland. As early as the 1950s light-aircraft pilots reported seeing what they described as underwater ‘stonework’ which was ‘well within Cuban waters’. Similar sightings ‘north of Cuba’ of an alleged ‘submerged building complex covering over ten acres’ might even have convinced the Cuban government that a veritable city awaited discovery in its vigorously defended waters. There are, for instance, unconfirmed reports that this ‘building complex’ was explored with the assistance of Soviet submarines based in Cuba during the 1960s. Strange then that these recent discoveries of a sunken city in Cuban waters are being conducted by a Russian-born Canadian oceanographer.

Among those who felt they had glimpsed the remains of a lost citadel in Cuban waters was Leicester Hemingway, brother of the writer Ernest Hemingway. During a flight into the country, Leicester noticed, beyond its northern coast, ‘an expanse of stone ruins, several acres in area and apparently white, as if they were marble’. The exact location of these underwater features remains unclear.

Only time will tell whether the discoveries made by Paulina Zelitsky and ADC do constitute firm evidence of Plato’s Atlantis, for if they do then it will fix, once and for all, its geographical location in the Bahamas and Caribbean, and not anywhere else in the world. However, the location of a lost city on a huge land plateau lying at a depth of around 600-700 metres poses new problems for the Atlantis debate. Plato wrote that his Atlantic island empire was destroyed by ‘earthquakes and floods’ in ‘one terrible day and night’, post-8570 BC in the TIMAEUS and around 9421 BC in the CRITIAS. This time-frame corresponds with the cessation of the last Ice Age, when we know that the sea-levels began to rise fairly rapidly as the ice fields which had covered vast areas of North America and Europe for tens of thousands of years began to disappear.

In GATEWAY TO ATLANTIS I proposed that the mechanism behind Atlantis’ destruction was a comet impact which devastated the eastern Atlantic coast of America, causing literally 500,000 elliptical craters, known today as the Carolina Bays, sometime around 8500 BC (+/- 500 years). Fragments of the comet falling in the Western Atlantic basin, north of the Bahamas, would have created tsunami tidal-waves perhaps hundreds of metres high. These would have drowned, temporarily at least, large parts of the Bahamas and Caribbean, as well as many low-lying regions of the eastern United States.

Myths and legends told by the indigenous peoples of the Bahaman and Caribbean archipelagos, when the Spanish first reached the New World, spoke of just such a cataclysm. They said that the waters suddenly rushed in and drowned the great landmass, breaking it up into the individual islands seen today. Although a fragmentation of the former landmasses of the Bahamas and Caribbean in the manner indicated could not have been caused by tsunamis alone, the gradual rise in the sea-level which followed this cataclysmic event would have drowned, more permanently this time, all low-lying regions, creating the archipelagos we see today. Yet in the thousands of years which it took for the ice fields to melt in full, the sea-level rose only 300 metres (some estimates place it as much as 400 metres). If the ‘city’ does lie in 600-700 metres of water, we will need to propose a suitable geological mechanism in order to justify its submergence to this depth post 9000 BC. Either that, or we will have to define a geological time-frame in which the land plateau, with its volcano, fault lines and river was above sea-level.

Paulina’s statement that the ‘city’ might belong to ‘the pre-classic period’ of Mesoamerican history, and was populated ‘by an advanced civilisation similar to the early Teotihuacán culture of Yucatán’, is very difficult to equate with the discovery. The Teotihuacán culture, which thrived in Central Mexico from around 400 BC through until around AD 500, remains an enigma to archaeologists. Its origin is unclear. What we do know is that legends once told by the Totonac peoples of eastern Mexico spoke of the founders of its sacred city of Teotihuacán, with its mighty Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, as having arrived on the Gulf coast from an island homeland which lay beyond the sea. Here was to be found Chicomoztoc, the Seven Caves, where the first humans emerged out of the darkness at the beginning of time. For many reasons, not least of all the appearance of sea-shells of a purely Caribbean nature carved on the walls of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacán, the Teotihuacán culture saw their ancestral homeland as connected in some way with the Caribbean. Moreover, in GATEWAY TO ATLANTIS I identified the original Seven Caves complex as the Punta del Esté caves on Cuba’s Isle of Youth, one of which, Ceuva # 1, has been described as a veritable Sistine Chapel of the prehistoric world. Many thousands of years ago unknown artists adorned its walls and ceilings with abstract petroglyphs of a blatantly celestial nature. Yet even so, any sunken city lying off the northern coast of Cuba, in 600-700 metres of water, must antedate the Teotihuacán culture by many thousands of years. Curiously, Pauline Zelitsky visited Ceuva # 1 at the Punta del Esté complex during the summer of 2000, shortly before she made her dramatic discovery of the underwater ‘city’. There is something magical about this place. It assaults the senses and inspires thoughts regarding the origins of Cuba’s indigenous peoples and their apparent knowledge of the cataclysm which devastated the region so many thousands of years ago.

If Paulina Zelitsky and her oceanographic colleagues are right in their belief that ‘pyramids, roads and buildings’ do lie off Cuba’s western coastline, then it is clear that the prehistory of the Caribbean, and its influence on the rise of Mesoamerican civilisation, will have to be revised dramatically. Moreover, it could well be that at long last the mystery of Atlantis, mankind’s greatest historical enigma, is about to unfold in a most spectacular fashion.

  • You see people ridicule the things that are unbelievable in there own beliefs, but not until someone takes the bull by the horns and stands up for their beliefs will such discoveries happen. You see all the doubt he recieved he used to push himself harder, so that he could regain his own pride and show everyone else what is real, he personally wrote this article as a way of saying -this is for all the people who doubted me, don’t you feel stupid-

you said “As Zig Ziegler would say, you need a check up from the neck up.”

Well I don’t think I need to relate on this, I already answered it.

In the end I really do appreciate your help Ed, it means a lot to me!

Re: reply to all the answers your problems - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 15, 2002 at 21:14:13:

Ed I pose you a challenge to test your creativity and to see if being a problem solver is a belief or a conviction.

Help me find a way to take that first step in my current position, you will have my 100% cooperation to do whatever is necessary to get there. A true problem solver enjoys a challenge and takes pride in his accomplishment, and what bigger of an accomplishment is there than getting a 21 year old male with a 485 fico and absolutely no money but what is on him which right now is $32… and negative $300+ in his account, a way to achieve the “impossible”

If you look at it as impossible being a problem solver is just a belief.
If you look at it as a challenge and honestly make a commitment to finding a solution then it is a conviction

Re: reply to all the answers your problems - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on July 16, 2002 at 04:03:43:


I appreciate your challenge, but I’m sorry to say that I don’t have time for it.

There is an old saying that says,

It’s not age that brings wisdom, but the willingness to learn.

At this time you want to impress people with what you know. I’m sorry to say that your age shows, because you have knowledge without the experience that supports the meaning of the things that you say. You’ve learned a lot in a short time and your information when presented is not always applicable.

Shawn, I’m afraid that I have done something that you’re not going to like. I’ve classified you as a talker, not a doer.

When I read your post they are not focused or direct, but are over encompassing and reap with self-absorbance.

Your problem is your attitude. You’re a 21 year old know it all.

In the workshop I did in New Orleans, I was lucky enough to have a young man named Zack Wiest attend my workshop. Zack is 25, you are 21. Since June of last year, Zack has done 38 deals and we just finished getting him approved for a $200,000 Working Line Of Credit. Not bad for 25 and only being in the business a year. You can read about him in the Success Stories.

The difference between you and Zack is not the 4 years. The difference is Zack is doing it while you’re talking about it. Zack could carry himself well in a conversation, but his main attribute is that he would listen, analyze, and then execute.

Shawn, it makes no difference what I think of you because tomorrow that can change.

What will change it will be you and your deeds. If you should need help in analyzing or structuring a deal, you’re still welcome here, and the good people of Creonline along with myself will be glad to do what we can to assist you to make your deal.

In closing I would like to say that what you need to do, is back up and regroup.

You need to get a job to survive realizing that it’s only a stepping-stone, put your self together a game plan, and then attack it.

What ever you do, I wish you well,

Ed Garcia

Re: here’s your challenge ED!! - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 15, 2002 at 21:17:11:

Ed I will make it worth your while if we can pull this off!

See what happens… - Posted by Zack W

Posted by Zack W on July 16, 2002 at 22:42:10:

when I dont talk to you for awhile. You get yourself into all kinds of trouble.

Thanks for the kind words, and I will talk to you soon. I am cloing my first deal with the WLOC in about 24 more days. I will keep you posted. Thanks again, I could have never done without your help.

Zack W

Re: reply to all the answers your problems - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 16, 2002 at 05:40:54:

It’s not age that brings wisdom, but the willingness to learn. --------I agree I am very open and willing to learn from successful people-------
At this time you want to impress people with what you know. ----- Agreed ------ I’m sorry to say that your age shows, because you have knowledge without the experience that supports the meaning of the things that you say.-----Also agreed----- You’ve learned a lot in a short time and your information when presented is not always applicable.-----also agreed!—

Shawn, I’m afraid that I have done something that you’re not going to like. I’ve classified you as a talker, not a doer. -----wrong, doer by day talker by night------
When I read your post they are not focused or direct, but are over encompassing and reap with self-absorbance
---- Agreed, I do this to try to prove myself and capabilities, in order to try to strike some confidence in others so that someone reading might be able to help me out-----Your problem is your attitude. You’re a 21 year old know it all.-----False, I wish I knew it all, because if I did I wouldn’t be were I am at right now-----

In the workshop I did in New Orleans, I was lucky enough to have a young man named Zack Wiest attend my workshop. Zack is 25, you are 21. Since June of last year, Zack has done 38 deals and we just finished getting him approved for a $200,000----peanuts!---- Working Line Of Credit. Not bad for 25 and only being in the business a year. You can read about him in the Success Stories.
The difference between you and Zack is not the 4 years. The difference is Zack is doing it while you’re talking about it.—false, Zack has lower aspirations and mine are focused higher---- Zack could carry himself well in a conversation, but his main attribute is that he would listen, analyze, and then execute.--------I have the same attributes, because it is a key to success-- I am listening or reading what you have to say, I am analyzing to see if it is true, then I execute a non-byast response----

Shawn, it makes no difference what I think of you because tomorrow that can change.---- :slight_smile: I am glad you said this because this is the strongest statement yet, our opinions can change when we are further educated to the facts or personality of a person, the fact of the matter is it takes a long time to get to know somebody for who they truly are, without making any pre-dillusionary judgements against them without references to back it up-- but by merely trading yourshoes and thinking in line with someone else’s point of view and seeing all sides and where they have been and where they are coming from you begin to get a better judgement/ but that alone is not enough.

What will change it will be you and your deeds. If you should need help in analyzing or structuring a deal, you’re still welcome here, and the good people of Creonline along with myself will be glad to do what we can to assist you to make your deal.-----Great thank you I know you have heart because you have spent so much time with me thus far! Even though they are not the responses I would like, it is your opinion and I have to commend you for that. The truth is I am not dependant on any one sole person or company, but I rely on many and even then I still get more opportunities available…
—In closing I would like to say that what you need to do, is back up and regroup— Agreed, but I just started that…wednesday is the opening of my first ad… and tomorrow I will be out to structure deals, don’t be surprised if I have one for you tomorrow.

You need to get a job to survive realizing that it’s only a stepping-stone, put your self together a game plan, and then attack it.----I would agree with you if I were in your shoes, but I disagree in mine…I know I will find the money I need to survive I have many things coming to me…

---- The reason Zack is not better is because after a year he got 200,000 in usable credit. Right now I have the opportunity at millions in a hedge fund when I find that small amount of capital, If you would like I can provide you with the contact information pertaining to the hedge fund which limited partnership is being structured in Nevada. :slight_smile:

another opportunity through Action stocks which they have agreed to set me up with a 300k shell usually they do for 50k, but they are willing to do it for me for 5k they have guaranteed my company at least a showing on the SEC but I do not wish to take my company public this quick, I would like to wait after a year or two I will get a lot more for the stocks.
I am guaranteed a conference with national accredited angel and venture capital investors and a portofolio on Tri Star Divesified Ventures site which will be password protected for credited investors at

Re: Shawn Your Challenge!! - Posted by garth

Posted by garth on July 16, 2002 at 24:00:53:

YOu must not just ask for freebie without offering
something in return.

Why don’t you first show your committment then ask for something.

Why don’t you put 5 hours in of volunteer work at Habitat for Humanity First!

Then go to Ed tell him what you did and bet you he would respond to such a strong action like that and give you a freebie.

ED. can we have a comic relief forum - Posted by brad

Posted by brad on July 16, 2002 at 09:46:03:

lol. ill post every day, contridict myself, and mentally masterbate until we are all satisfied. can we get back to the real reason this board was made.

i am getting ready to take some classes at the local college. im still in the army and they (you) are paying for it. it is for a real estate sales licensing course.

my Question is this: are there loan programs that this type of education will exclude me from? i know a little about the disclosures that realitors have to make but what i am wanting to know is about applying commissions toward the down payment? is this a plus or is it even legal.

the course is free to me so and is a pre licensing course. so if i find out having a license will tie my hands too much i just wont take the state exam

Re: Shawn Your Challenge!! - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 16, 2002 at 03:06:57:

before you try to give advice try to know what you are talking about… you assume things which are completely opposite from what they are!!

As far as the volunteer thing…I am an active volunteer…I believe in giving back to the community
currently I work with boyscouts to help and guide them on outings and am brought in frequently to teach. I volunteer for the temecula library—and I volunteer to chaparone field trips for Rail Ranch elementary. I grew up in the boyscouts 10 years total giving back to the community which has built the leadership and guidance to form my beliefs that U have now!
Believe me if all it took was 5 hours at habitat for humanity I would do it in a heartbeat, if he wanted me to work for him for a few days for free I would… my commitment is not a question
I am commited more than most people can even understand
to learn the things I know I read all of this site I wrote personal letters about 3 pages long to Peter Conti, Claude Diamond, Carleton Sheets, David Finkel
and literally searched the country for a mentor, which I ended up finally finding in Florida we were in phone contact almost everyday for 2 hours a day he was an 11 year veteran turning 3 to 4 houses a month, believe me I got my phone bill for $457.00!
I have commited every hour of my waking life for the last 4 months to this… and if Ed told me personally that volunteering to habitat for humanity I would be out there tomorrow morning!
So please don’t tell me what I need to do, but rather suggest something if it carries merit!
And the something in return is going to happen after this whole thing actually it could happen on the first one, but the big pay off will come in the long run… because one of my firm beliefs is helping those in life that helped me!!! maybe you should read my post to M.O. who was inquiring about hard money lenders and look at the response I gave her after her response to me and then you might get a clue to who I am. So if you have a suggestion which carries merit go ahead and volunteer it just don’t blindly post something you don’t know about.

Re: ED. can we have a comic relief forum - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on July 16, 2002 at 10:19:17:


It’s good to see that you have a sense of humor, and I agree that it’s time to get back to work.

To get right into your question, Yes, its legal and acceptable to apply your RE commissions towards the down payment in the event you’re going to do a deal. Of course the key word is disclosure, which should be no problem.

Ed Garcia

another one - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 16, 2002 at 03:47:23:

I have commited my life to my real estate investing and helping people… there is not one thing I will not do to achieve it as long as it is ethical and falls in line with my morals, work doesnt scare me at all I love to work, and as far as the habitat for humanity thing,I didn’t think about it before but now I think about it I would enjoy voluteering for them on a regular basis it doesn’t kill me to help others and because you said that —I will—…after I get some money to support myself for a little while. It would be fun to build houses for a good cause and offer me some new experience.

Re: another one - Posted by brad

Posted by brad on July 16, 2002 at 15:59:15:

what is your profession? i personally have two but i need to say i have never met anyone in my life with the spare time that you seem to have. you are the only person that i have ever heard claim so much success. i personally came up in a world of hard knocks. by the time i was 21 i had my own buisness for 3 years my home 3 payments short of paid for and my cars. i had been working for 14 years. yes do the math that is seven years old. full time. no i am not saying any of this to brag, infact i wouldn’t wish it on anyone but i can say this i have worked beside people with 7 and 8 didget incomes and not one of them was the self proclaimed man that you are. have you ever concidered politics. you could be president right now…if it were not for that 35 years old part…have you ever concidered why that is part of the rules to being president…its because knowlage is worthless without experiance.get your hands dirty make your millions. tell the world about it and i will spend mine without a single person knowing i have it. no i kant spel. can i get your autograph so when your ritch and famous i can say i knew you when…