repo - Posted by Jon

Posted by dewCO on November 11, 2000 at 21:12:39:

Not familiar with the special sealed bid, but maybe special financing for disabled. Your local realtors should have info. and try calling the large banks in your area. If the house is listed the realtor should be able to find out from Fannie Mae if there is aspecial deal.

repo - Posted by Jon

Posted by Jon on November 11, 2000 at 17:50:58:

After searching and saving for some time, I may have finally found my family a home. It is a Fanny Mae repo in need of some repair. I have heard from some friends that because i am a disabled vet that I am eligable for some kind sealed bid deal. Is this true? Can anyone share some resources on how to deal with a gov. repo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.