Research Question - Posted by Matt (SD)

Posted by Mike on May 03, 2000 at 13:37:31:

Call a local title company and ask for their customer service department. Give them your company name and tell them you would like to know what deeds are recorded against the property. They will even fax you the deeds. They will also give you the tax information.

Research Question - Posted by Matt (SD)

Posted by Matt (SD) on May 03, 2000 at 11:50:40:

Well, my partner and I are moving forward on our first deal. We’ve done a lot of beating the bushes and have found two vacant, boarded-up properties in our focus neighborhood.

I went to the tax-assesor to get the names and addresses of the owners and was hoping to get a full write-up including tax money owed (if any), perhaps loan information indicating the level of equity in the homes, etc. Unfortunately the clerk would not give me anything more than a name and address until I have the owner’s writen approval.

So here is the issue - I would like to approach the owners but would prefer to do so with more information under my belt (particularly unpaid taxes and amount of equity). Is there any way to get this information? If not, should I just write a basic introduction letter and gather the information from discussions with the owner?

Thanks for the help,
Matt in San Diego