Residential development cost estimating - Posted by Scott Garrity

Posted by Harvey Carroll, Jr. on April 09, 1999 at 24:22:58:

I am a developer and finishing a degree in Real Estate and Finance. I have some really great spread sheets that I made for excel 97. I also have construction managment (Pert/Bar charts) and cost analysis broken down for the various home construction process…
I would be interested in consulting for you. Where are you from? Do you have excel 97 and what kind of deals are you interested in?

Residential development cost estimating - Posted by Scott Garrity

Posted by Scott Garrity on April 07, 1999 at 15:59:55:

I am wondering if anyone is aware of any resources on the web (or otherwise) for estimating costs associated with doing a residential housing development from raw land.

I am casually looking into a 22 acre parcel that has already been surveyed for 5 lots but would need streets, water, perc tests…other? and of course the houses (5 – 3bdrm 2bth two story colonials)
I am looking for costs for these items.

As I am new to this business I am not seriously considering the development but am seriously interested in learning all I can about doing this down the road.

I greatly appreciate any help.

Re: Residential development cost estimating - Posted by charles(delaware)

Posted by charles(delaware) on April 09, 1999 at 08:26:11:

talk with a local site planning engineer. he will be able to give you rough estimates for improvements on a per lot basis.

One way to do these type of deals is to purchase and/or get the property under contract, pay for the engineering to get the lots approved then partner with a local home builder. You provide the land. The builder will provide the roads/improvements, build and market the homes. You will then be reimbursed an agreed on price per lot. A local builder should also know the viability of the property and the costs involved.