returning CS course - Posted by Jeff H.

Posted by rowe111 on February 25, 2000 at 16:23:40:

If I make the kind of money Sheets talks about, I’ll gladly give him 10 times his initial price.

returning CS course - Posted by Jeff H.

Posted by Jeff H. on February 14, 2000 at 09:32:30:

I have been reading and following this board for about 2 weeks and would like to thank everyone who told of trying to return their CS course and was offered a discount. I called customer service at 1-800-369-6846 and was given a $105 discount to keep the course. Now I just need to go out and make my first deal. Thanks again for the information.

Re: returning CS course - Posted by Mike

Posted by Mike on February 17, 2000 at 20:31:46:

Ever heard the saying: “What ever you put out, you will get it back 10 fold” ? You cheat people - expect the same in return…you will never know when but expect it. Congratulations on your successful “scam”.

Re: returning CS course - Posted by WilliamGA

Posted by WilliamGA on February 14, 2000 at 19:39:08:

I have seen references to this “trick” many times in the 6 months or so I have been frequenting this board.

I still am trying to understand why anyone would want to cheat this company out of part of the cost of this course. I mean, geez, it only costs 180.00 bucks. Send it back if it doesn’t help you but why call them up and lie about it just to get it a few bucks cheaper?

What ever happened to integrity?


thank you william - Posted by al

Posted by al on February 14, 2000 at 23:45:49:

the people who do this on purpose will be the same ones a year from now still wondering why things arent happening for them.