Reverse Directory - Posted by Bill {V.F.}

Posted by Bill {V.F.} on April 16, 1999 at 07:22:24:

Thanks to all for your valuable responses. I certainly appreciate it.

Reverse Directory - Posted by Bill {V.F.}

Posted by Bill {V.F.} on April 15, 1999 at 10:48:05:

Would appreciate it if some one could give me a lead on finding a reverse directory on CD-rom.

Many thanks

Re: Reverse Directory - Posted by emerich

Posted by emerich on April 15, 1999 at 21:02:41:

I use Phone Search USA by DeLorme. I got it at Best Buy for 27.99. It does it all, it even can do a radius search from a particuler address and print out the addresses you want onto Avery Labels. I think it works great for me.

Don’t PAY for it, it is online FREE - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on April 15, 1999 at 14:48:08:

There is a website that does phone number searches, by name and/or number.
It is free and uses all the MAJOR websites with that service involved.
Here is the URL:

It is called, “The Ultimate White pages”.
All the sites you have ever seen, used or heard of can be access simultaneously here. It uses a JAVA applet to input your data to all the searches at once.
Hope this helps,

P.S. I am a P.I. and use this daily.

Check this out! - Posted by BRnBA

Posted by BRnBA on April 15, 1999 at 13:58:14:

If you feel you need a CD Rom…Phone Disc PowerFinder Pro is hands down the best. It is the choice of most PI’s, or at least was until searching the net came of age. There is also some software called PhoneFerret you can download for free at that will search every phone book available on the internet in one simple search. I’m not sure if it will reverse search though, check it out for yourself. When you get to winfiles just search for PhoneFerret…it’s in there.

Re: Reverse Directory - Posted by Matt M

Posted by Matt M on April 15, 1999 at 12:05:30:

I purchased one at Best Buy for $30.00. It’s called “104 Million Businesses & Households Phone Book”. You can search by an individuals name or business name. Or you can reverse search by phone number. I have had about 75% success rate with the reverse search.
Make sure you get the 1999 edition. It has 40% more entries than the 1998 edition. It comes in a yellow box and is made by CD-USA.
Good Luck

Matt M

Re: Reverse Directory - Posted by LHoffman

Posted by LHoffman on April 15, 1999 at 11:18:42:



Re: Reverse Directory - Posted by Scott Britton

Posted by Scott Britton on April 15, 1999 at 11:10:07:


There are several out there… differing largely in price. You can us Powerfinder Phone disk to do a reverse search. Also… City Directory makes a Criss-cross directory… as doe Polks. I think both of these have CD versions.

There are also Tax Assessors roles on CD that will accomplish the same thing and more. These can be fairly expensive. Experian and DataQuick are two names that come to mind. Also First American Real Estate Solutions.

You can probably find all of these online via a good search.

Best of RealEstateSuccess!

Scott Britton

Re: Reverse Directory - Posted by trandle

Posted by trandle on April 17, 1999 at 23:11:17:

Do any of these products allow you to build an address label sheet by adding one reverse search on top of another? For instance, if I want to build a list from the “for rent” ads in the paper? Thanks…