rezoning for senior multifamily - Posted by Sammy

Posted by Frank Chin on July 06, 2003 at 08:35:14:

Hi Sammy:

I would emphasize two things:

1- A senior center would not increase the school population.

2- Having residents walk to the stores would not add measurably to traffic.

You may want to have local businesses that can benefit from this to assist you.

Overcrowding at schools, more taxes to build schools and roads, and more cars, are the major objections to development that I know of.

Frank Chin

rezoning for senior multifamily - Posted by Sammy

Posted by Sammy on July 05, 2003 at 07:35:53:

Any exp. or tips on selling a zoning board on rezoning land from single-family to multi-family. I and my partner are builders and just recently secured a 15 ac. parcel directly behind a new and quickly becoming large shopping center, walmart, sams, home depot and 42 more stores.

We can build are 7-9 homes and make a nice pay day, but the site has a location that makes it rare and imo a great site for either senior or diabled townhouses.

Every large mall I think of in my state seems to have a townhouse site within walking distance, except this one. Our piece is the only vacant piece left within miles of the shopping center, in fact the homeowner would have a short safe walk, and or drive/ride by wheelchair.

Any ideas on how to “sell” that to a town?

No doubt we will hire a top planning attorney and planner, but I still need more info on “selling” the town on this special use, esp. disabled units.