Robert Allen Seminar Is it worth it - Posted by william

Posted by Gary (WA) on July 01, 2003 at 05:12:14:

Not hardly. If you go to his one minute millionaire website, and tell where you got the book, you will receive several free gifts, one of which happens to be a 500 or so page training manual from his previous teachings. Additionally it’s nice to know who he was taught by, and who has taught for him. Barney Zick says that years ago he had Robert Allen in his class, Barney the teacher, Robert the student. Additionally from what I’ve seen and heard it’s very similar to Sheets. If cost is a concern for you try the cheap route. Join your local RE investors club. Hopefully if they have a “library” then you can check out many different programs for free, or for the price of your annual membership. You also may have the chance to “network” with other like minded people, and who knows maybe they have a program they use, and may not mind lending something of theirs to you for the a while.
On my own personal note, I had the opportunity to see Robert Allen, and Mark Victor Hansen, I didn’t sign up for the program, and that’s because I preferred Ron LeGrand’s method’s over RA.

My 2 cents worth.


Robert Allen Seminar Is it worth it - Posted by william

Posted by william on June 30, 2003 at 17:44:41:

Good evening to everyone, I am was wandering if anyone could share with me some of there thoughts and opinions about taking Robert Allen 3 day training course. My wife and I are consiering taking course, but we really would like to know if it would be worth it. If anyone has participated in his course feel free to express your thoughts freely because we would love to hear from you. Thanks for your time and your advice,

The Hamptons

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Posted by MATT(MI) on July 01, 2003 at 11:46:42:

I read Robert Allen’s book “Multiple Streams of Income” then previewed Carleton Sheet’s course for 9.95. I am currently listening to Ron Legrand’s L/O course and I like Ron’s the best.

Sheets just didn’t have IN DEPTH info. I was looking for and after talking to a personal rep from Allen’s business…they wanted my wife and I to pay 6,000 up front and work with a mentor with a committment to make 3 offers a month for 6 months on RE properties(I can do that without a mentor).

I didn’t do that because I have two friends locally who do the business and have offered to teach me some things they know about the business.

Just spend time reading and learn from materials if you’re afraid to spend big bucks(library, courses on ebay are sometimes for sale, REI clubs). But these successful people all tell you to go to a couple of weekend seminars per year to continue education. They all have experience, as do many people on this website. Search archives here and get a feel for what sounds like something you WANT to do.

I’ve heard that if the course is more than about 200.00 per day it’s too much. Hope that helps!

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Posted by Brent_IL on June 30, 2003 at 18:14:01:

You have to take these thoughts in context. I took a three-day seminar from Robert Allen 24 years ago. At that time, there was no unified body of creative real estate knowledge. He popularized the concept of a No-Money-Down purchase and compiled an array of CRE investing techniques. He ran the best game in town.

The seminar was an epiphany. In one form or another, I?ve used every idea that he presented.

What I don?t know is how his seminar teachings have changed. Many approaches that worked 20 years ago depended on appreciation to work. All of his examples were based on a 10% annual increase in property values. I?ve read that in some areas of the country, that?s still the norm. That?s not the case around here.

I?d speculate that anything that you could learn in a 3-day introductory course is well covered in the archives of There?s the added advantage of instant feedback from very knowledgeable posters on the main board.

Mentoring isn?t all that. Stick with Ron * Starr and JohnBoy. I copied these links from another?s post, so I?m not certain that they?ll work. If not a search for ?beginner?s success? will ferret them out.