Ron LeGrand - SDI to IMH - Posted by Jim Fletcher

Posted by Jim Fletcher on April 10, 1999 at 09:19:22:

I apologize for posting information about Ron and SDI in the other newsgroup. I have received many e-mails requesting more information about Ron & SDI and I thought I would try and clear up some things.

Ron’s companies, LeGrand Group - Results Publishing - SDI - SDI Direct - SDI Internet are all being merged with several other companies including Great Wisdom Publishing. After the dust settles, the name will change to International Media Holdings IMH. At that point, they will offer IPO. As far as the stock offering by SDI last year was to meet certain requirements in order to merge and begin IPO. Please do not hold me to the last statement.

My wife and I worked for SDI Internet Services creating the corporate web site at, creating web sites for real estate entrepreneurs, and teaching real estate investors how to buy and sell using the Internet. Because of the merger last month, the new CEO decided to take the web site in a different direction and have his crew do the work. This is typical and we fully expected this to happen. We also work for LeGrand Group as salesman/teacher that actually does the 1-Day presentations to offer Ron’s products and services to new students. Since Ron’s position in the company is changing and being tired of being on the road, he hired us. Some of you may know Cameron Dunlap who also does 1-Day and teaches the Bootcamps.

The new company IMH will offer a variety of products unrelated to real estate. The idea is to offer niche products in different categories to appeal to a lot of people. One of those niche’s wil be real estate information.

The following link are the SEC papers filed for the annual shareholders meeting last month that better explains:

I believe I have covered all of the questions I received. I will forward the e-mails I received to Ron.