Ron LeGrand's "bootcamp" ???? - Posted by C R

Posted by Shaun on February 25, 2001 at 11:19:08:


Ron LeGrand’s “bootcamp” ??? - Posted by C R

Posted by C R on February 24, 2001 at 14:03:08:

I’m thinking of going to one of this “bootcamps”… has anybody been to one?.. can anyone please tell me GOOD or BAD things about this “bootcamps”.

Re: Ron LeGrand’s “bootcamp” ??? - Posted by Ron (MD)

Posted by Ron (MD) on February 24, 2001 at 22:28:54:


I’ve been to two of his bootcamps…Wholesale/Retail and MOS. MOS if more advanced, W/R is fine for new investors.

As you know, his bootcamps are expensive. Also, they are very good. I went to W/R after doing rehabs full time for 1 1/2 years. (I was able to go without cost, but that’s another story.)

They did a very good job of describing the whole process in three days, one of which included a bus tour of fixer-uppers on the local market.

So, the good things:
– practical and thorough…they do really give you what you need to start doing rehabs the next day
– hands-on…the tour of houses, coupled the the on-site repair training is very helpful
– good chance to meet and talk with other investors…however at the W/R bootcamp, most of the others will also be inexperienced

Bad things:
– Like I said, they are pricey. However, if you really use what you learn, the education allows you to get started and avoid many mistakes
– Ron Legrand (who probably won’t show up) and his crew have contempt for their students. They aren’t real obvious about it, but they clearly have the attitude that there are 100 fools in the room who paid $3,000 for 3 days’ training and they probably won’t do anything with it.

If you are deadly serious about it, I recommend them. If you aren’t 100% committed to getting involved, you will save a lot of money by reading books (Buy It, Fix It, Sell It…Profit, by Kevin Myers is a good one, and Ron Legrand’s own book, Fast Cash With Quick-Turn Real Estate is another).

One telling story…At the beginning of the W/R bootcamp, the instructor asked the 100-person class, “How many of you have met Ron Legrand?”. To my amazement, about 90% raised their hands. The next question was, “How many of you have been to a bootcamp before?”. Again, to my amazement, about 90% raised their hands. Third question, “How many of you have bought your first property?” About 10% raised their hands.

I came to learn that the large majority of these students were RE groupies. They are in love with the idea of being an investor and spend a fortune on courses, bootcamps, etc…but they don’t do anything with it. (Hence, the contempt Legrand and his crew have for their customers.)

On the third day, Legrand’s sales people come into the classroom and call out the attendees one at a time to go out into the hall and sell them their next bootcamp. I could only feel sorry for these lambs being led to slaughter (with their checkbooks in hand).

Bottom line, however, and most people would agree, Legrand does have some of the best material in the business.

Ron Guy

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Posted by JCPerryNH on March 03, 2001 at 09:00:57:

Ron – did legrand do the MOS bootcamp?

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Posted by Ray on February 25, 2001 at 23:22:54:


Have you been to any other boot camps??? I don’t know a thing about real estate, but I’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s series of Richdad books which have me fired up.

I’ve just recently signed up for John Burley’s boot camp this April. It’s $5,000.00 with a $1,000.00 discount for those who show up early. It’s even more expensive than Ron LeGrand’s boot camp. They also take you around town and show you properties, go to real forclosure auctions, etc… Do you think the groups that go to boot camps all generally run the same percentages? Foolish seminar groupies who don’t do a thing afterwards? Hearing your comments here is a little disheartening. I’m having to borrow half the money for my boot camp fee and I don’t intend on wasting it. I only hope that John’s boot camp is as good or better than Ron’s.


Re: Ron LeGrand’s “bootcamp” ??? - Posted by Shaun

Posted by Shaun on February 25, 2001 at 07:54:57:

Ron. Your’s is about the most complete and honest analysis of the Ron LeGrand program that we have ever seen. How did you get around his high price? Did you win it or get a club to send you?

Re: Ron LeGrand’s “bootcamp” ??? - Posted by Ron (MD)

Posted by Ron (MD) on March 03, 2001 at 12:46:42:


As of a year ago, Legrand himself was the only one who taught MOS…and he taught all day for five days.

I don’t think he teaches anything else.

I don’t know if it’s different now.

Ron Guy

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Posted by Ron (MD) on February 26, 2001 at 05:55:30:


Sorry, I don’t know anything about John Burley or his boot camps.

Also, the observations I made about Legrand’s were my experience from one boot camp. I don’t have any way to know if that was typical.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Ron Guy

Re: Ron LeGrand’s “bootcamp” ??? - Posted by Ron (MD)

Posted by Ron (MD) on February 25, 2001 at 08:11:56:


After I had been doing rehabs full-time for a year, I got a real estate agent license to help me buy (and to a lesser extent, sell) my properties.

I mentioned in my first post that one of the three days of Legrand’s W/R bootcamp is devoted to a tour of local fixer-uppers currently on the market. They have to have a real estate agent that arranges for these inspections. I did that for them and that allowed me to attend the whole bootcamp.

Ron Guy