Roofer has no license/insurance?... - Posted by nuthn2it

Posted by Shawn J. Dostie on August 09, 2003 at 09:31:37:

2 choices. Require proof of insurance, or pay the extra $500.00 for the licensed bonded roofer.

Good Luck,

Roofer has no license/insurance?.. - Posted by nuthn2it

Posted by nuthn2it on August 09, 2003 at 24:45:56:

A friend and I are rehabbing a small house and are in the process of reroofing. We got a bid that we thought was high and asked around for more bids and were referred to a man who is a rehabber/remodeler (not investor).

The man’s price was $500 cheaper for the total job, tear off, new sheeting and shingles.

We’re concerned now that the roofer/rehabber/remodeler may not have insurance to cover his workers in case of an on the job injury (fall from roof).

My friend had trouble getting insurance for the house because of the condition of the house and the leak-enabled roof.

Can anyone suggest a way to insulate against liability in case someone gets hurt while reroofing?

Is there a document that we can create and have the reroofer sign to help mitigate my friends lack of insurance exposure?

Thanks for any help that anyone can offer.

Re: Roofer has no license/insurance?.. - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on August 09, 2003 at 20:25:53:

I agree with the others, get an insured contractor on the job, as well as a step further, with some liability insurance for you.

Beleive me, saving a few bucks now, very well might cost you more later, even with references.
I did that once, a long time ago, when the only house I owned was my residence.
Trying to be cheap, and not pay a big time “Contractor” to do a complete tear off on my roof, and resurface, was a big mistake.
Believe me, it was a mess.
On the referal of a friend, and several family members who had used this person in the past on the same type of job, I let them give me a bid.
It was WAY lower than the others, from local roofing companies.
He agreed to start right away, and we went together to get the materials.
Work began, solid for two days.
Then, nothing, no show, no call, nothing, for over a week.
I was unable to track this guy down.
He showed up a week later, wanting to get paid for the work he “Had done already”.
Which was a total joke, because during the time he was away, some neighbors and I had to attempt to secure tarps over the house FAST, to cover exposed areas he’d left, when a storm blew up.
It did not stop all the water, so we had interior damage as well.
Thankgoodness, I have relatives with construction skills, that thankfully became available to me when I REALLY needed them.
We finished the job, and insurance covered the damage, because it was a job being completed by me.

The guy who we originally hired, attempted to send me a letter from some legal aid attorney, requesting his “pay”.
He was told to go pound sand, and now, if I cannot do the job, a licensed, experienced, insured pro is hired.
The only way to fly in my book.

I did wind up okay financially on my mess, but only because my insurance broker was a long time, several generation family friend.

Take care, and don’t sweat $500, in the big picture, that ain’t squat.

Jim FL

Re: Roofer has no license/insurance?.. - Posted by Anne_ND

Posted by Anne_ND on August 09, 2003 at 11:33:55:

I agree with the comments already made about the insurance.

One further thought: the cheapest contractor is not always the least expensive. Often they are less experienced at estimating the size of the job and will underestimate the time it will take or the extent of the damage. They may also use materials of lower quality and they may not be able to handle surprises that appear when you tear off an old roof.

A final comment about insurance: you need to be sure they have not only insurance to cover their own injuries, but liability insurance so that if they do a repair job and it leads to someone being injured, even 10 years down the road, they YOU can be sued for it unless the person who did the work has liability insurance.

good luck,

Re: Roofer has no license/insurance?.. - Posted by Don Dion

Posted by Don Dion on August 09, 2003 at 11:09:37:

I am both a Banker and a Builder and can not beleive you would even concider going with a non insured sub contractor. Read your own policy and you will find that your not insured if something happens when he is on your site working. Even if a plumber starts a fire in the home while the roofer is on the site you may not be covered because your technicaly in violation of your insuracne agreement.

Roofers fall off roofs all the time some just break legs/ arms others die. Is the$500 savings worth every penny you ever earned and the loss of your own home?