Russ Whitney Financing....? - Posted by Jose

Posted by JNeub on January 05, 2001 at 14:01:50:

Jose, Whitney uses EquityCorp. to handle biweekly mortgages. They are one of the leaders in the biweekly industry. Yes, you can make some significant money offering these to current homeowners as well as mortgage companies. I personally have and an agreement with 3 mortgage companies which offer biweeklys to all of their new homebuyers. Good Luck.

Russ Whitney Financing…? - Posted by Jose

Posted by Jose on January 04, 2001 at 21:20:37:

Does anybody know anything about Russ Whitney’s corporation? I’ve been thinking about becoming an agent for his MPAP program (Mortgage Payoff Acceleration Program) where you do bi-weekly payments vs. monthly payments and that accelerates the time which you pay your mortage off. I’ve heard rumors about the Whitney Finance group…but nothing solid. What do you guys think? Is there any other large mortage group that offers bi-weekly payment programs?? thx.