SCORE!!! - Posted by Bert NH

Posted by Steve-WA on August 20, 2003 at 09:49:26:

Good idea to call MH demo folks - movers too.

Get in their Rolodex; when they have a cherry, pick it.

SCORE!!! - Posted by Bert NH

Posted by Bert NH on August 19, 2003 at 20:15:51:

About 6 weeks ago a guy who demolishes old trailers for me called and said he had been hired to destroy a 1983 14x70 but it was too nice to destroy. He knew I had a park with a few empty spaces and would I be interested in looking at it. Sure, I said and off I went. Nice home, 2BR 1.5 Bath with an aftermarket pitched roof. Seems the owner purchased it 3 years ago for $19,000. A year later they were notified that the park was closing and all homes had 18 months (state law) to find a place to move to. Well, these folks couldn’t find a place. Tried to sell it and had lots of wanters but no one had a place to put the thing.
They purchased a stick-built home and moved out of the MH. The bank who financed the stick built home required that the mortgage on the MH be paid off before they would lend for the house. Long story short - They signed the deed over to me, I paid my guy $1,000 for a finders fee and I paid a MH mover $770 to have it moved into my park about 40 miles away.

I also own a campground so needless to say I have been very busy with other things so I did nothing with this home until a few days ago when I mentioned to my park manager that I would probably sell the home under a contract for deed. Well, tomorrow I’m signing a contract to sell the home to a young guy for $27,900, $2,500 down, balance over 5 years at 9%. With the home payment and the monthly lot rent I’ll be taking in $802 every month for the next 60 months! After the down payment, I have all my $$ plus some back in my hands.

I have also found another home, a 1985 14x70 which is in a similar situation, the owner is out of state and needs the thing gone yesterday. They’re asking $3,000 but I know they’d give it to me so they can be done with it. They told me they have had tons of wanters, but again no one has a place to put it. I’m going to look at it next week, but from the pictures I’ve seen of it, it may be in even better condition than this one I just sold for $27,900!


Decent price spread, huh?, congratulations nt - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on August 20, 2003 at 18:21:41: