Searching for Real Estate Software Partner

I’m looking for a Real State expert interested in distributing valuation software.

Your task would be to get to know our tool and explain it to potential users, always on demand (without requiring any additional commercial activity such as home visitting). We do not want to get some few initial sales, but to have long-lasting customers who spread the benefits of the tool and how they feel satisfied with, so stability and a good reputation are key points.

Initially, we would also need you to be involved in reviewing the texts of our English website and the report generated by the program so that it will be fully adapted to local uses (i.e. if you think some word is better than other one, or replacement of weird expressions with the more common ones… things like that).

As a partner you would be integrated to our team, receiving a high percentage for sales and objectives. The final price of the software will be determined based on the average fee per report that appraisers charge in your country. They should amortize it at first or second use. That is the idea. In my mind it could be within the range of $ 250-350 (reviewable and still not defined, because we are waiting for you :-).

The agreement will be binding on both parts: you would be our only partner in the USA, and also you should agree to distribute no similar software.

Thanks in advance. If you are interested please send credentials to