Section 8 Experiences - Posted by David

Posted by mike on November 29, 1999 at 01:02:21:


I have a section 8 tenant in a triplex. I ask the housing people what percent are trouble and they tell me about 1/2. I was just happy to get $810 for my three bedroom that I didn’t screen her. I receive the rent on time. However, this tenant has been a nightmare. She is a pig and caused me a c*ckroach problem, her children were recently removed from the home for neglect. Tommorrow, I am serving her an eviction notice for the damages done to the apartment by he desctructive children. The lesson is USE THE SAME CRITERION FOR SECTION 8 TENANTS AS YOU WOULD FOR ANYONE ELSE. Also remember because they are income limited, don’t expect them to to do any improvements or fix things they break. It just doesn’t happen

Section 8 Experiences - Posted by David

Posted by David on November 28, 1999 at 20:39:51:

i am looking at a multifamily apt complex that has all Section 8 tenants. The idea of getting a monthly check from the gov’t for 90% of the total rents due sounds very appealing and yet scary at the same time. Should HUD change the rules with Section 8, I could turn from a happy camper into a serious “DON’T WANTER” How serious is this perceived risk???

I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with Section 8 and HUD on a multifamily property and could give me some words from the wise before I consider this project further???

I sure appreciate this newsgroup and the help that so many provide. Thanks a lot

My Section 8 Experiences - Posted by John J.

Posted by John J. on November 29, 1999 at 01:23:39:

I have rented to Section 8 people off and on for 15 years. Screen them as you would anyone else: financial, criminal, etc. The portion of the rent that HUD pays actually depend on the tenant’s income. When their income changes their contribution can go up or down. The tenant’s case worker can also give you rental history, but only if you ask for it. I had an applicant last year whose references checked out - but some apparently were phony. When checking with the case worker she stated that the lady was being evicted from her current place for being a nuisance, so I passed. Also check below ( a recent posting from someone in FL who is having a nightmare experience with HUD/Section 8.