Section 8 Housing Inspection Checklist - Posted by John J.

Posted by Eric C on January 28, 2001 at 23:00:24:

Hi -

Thanks for the list, but I think that you’ll find that it’s enforced rather subjectively across the country.

The last time I dealt with HUD was over ten years ago. I was going to place a single family residence that had been recently rennovated into the program. Ok,Ok, I admit it, I was being lazy. I wanted a vacation, not a month of screening tenants.

A call to the local HUD office confirmed that they had plenty of people on the waiting list and an inspector would be sent over right away.

After her inspection, the HUD person ( a ten year veteran)had only two things to say to me:

(1) this rental unit was best she had ever seen; and
(2) no property passed first inspection with her.


Instead, I passed on Section 8. I also sold her a house.

That was over ten years ago; I still don’t deal with Section 8.

Of course, your mileage may vary.

Happy Trails,

Eric C

PS - if they were ever to reinstitute their old policy of paying for tenant damages, then I would might reconsider, but that ain’t gonna happen.

Section 8 Housing Inspection Checklist - Posted by John J.

Posted by John J. on January 28, 2001 at 17:21:08:

Both News Groups have seen various postings about Section 8 Housing, a HUD program administered through local Housing Authorities, that will pay all or part of your low-income tenant’s rents. Several people expressed concern about dealing with the government and the units having to pass strict Section 8 inspections before approval and upon annual renewal. Two of my units passed the inspection this past week and the following is the checklist that one of these inspectors used:


  1. All windows need to open, lock, and not be broken.

  2. All outside doors must lock.

  3. No torn flooring. (Carpet, linoleum, etc., no tripping hazard)

  4. Outlets and light switches must have covers. The covers cannot be cracked or broken.

  5. No hanging, bare, or non-working electrical wires.

  6. Every room must have at least 1 permanent overhead light fixture and 1 outlet or 2 outlets.

  7. Refrigerator and freezer must be operational.

  8. All burners on the stove and the oven must work.

  9. Bathroom must have a fan or a window that opens.

  10. No chipping, cracking, peeling paint inside or outside.

  11. Railing must be on stairs inside or outside that are over 30? or 3 or more steps.

  12. Drain pipe and relief valve on water heater.

  13. All plumbing must be fully functional.

  14. Clean, sanitary conditions.

  15. No rats, mice, or roaches.

  16. Look for other possible dangers, such as large holes in walls, floors, or ceiling and unsafe stairways.

  17. Roof in good condition, no evidence of recent leaking inside of unit.

  18. Smoke detectors on each floor of unit.

  19. No heavy accumulation of garbage and trash inside or outside.