Section 8 Metro Atlanta - Posted by mark in GA

Posted by Tim (Atlanta) on February 19, 2001 at 07:04:19:

I live in Cobb County. Section 8 housing is fine in this area, but you must screen your tenants carefully!!! If you think a tenant looks good, go to their current home. Look around. This is what your property will look like within a month. Is it a mess? Don’t give them advance notice either. Just show up. This will tell you more than any application or credit report.

Let me tell you how bad it can be if you don’t screen tenants properly. Recently I was in Cobb county court evicting one of my tenants. A lady from the Marietta Housing Authority (local Section 8) was there doing their evictions. For one court session, they had 14 evictions! All of the tenants showed up at court to contest their evictions. MHA has a whole department dedicated strictly to evictions.

Just make sure you screen your tenants well. Personally, I agree with you, I would not invest inside the perimeter. Too many war zones in there. I like to be able to drive through the neighborhoods where I own property without being shot.

Section 8 Metro Atlanta - Posted by mark in GA

Posted by mark in GA on February 18, 2001 at 21:09:44:

I know Section 8 is good in South Fulton. What about some of the outer counties? Like Cobb, Douglas, Dekalb, etc…?

The investor whose tecnique I’m attempting to copy does all his stuff near the city. I don’t live near the city and prefer to invest farther away. Thoughts?