section 8 - Posted by Drew

Posted by Steve-nc on July 29, 2003 at 13:24:49:


Section 8 inspections are for “Health, Safty & Welfare” of the individual living in your property. The amount of rent you can receive from the Housing Authority is based on the need of the tenant. Many times what you are paid buy the Housing Authority will not meet your your asking rent, or year to year the Housing Authority pays less and less and the tenant pays more.

I keep my properties in sellable condition to maximize rents. If the voucher the Section 8 tentant receives for rent is lower than asking rent, the tenant pays the difference.

Section 8 tenants do have chioces. And when faced with a worn property or a sparkling property, the good section 8s’, like any other tenant, look for the best value for thier buck.


section 8 - Posted by Drew

Posted by Drew on July 29, 2003 at 11:07:18:

For those that do sec 8, does property condition matter in the price you can rent for? Assuming it passes inspection, would a fairly worn property rent the same as a new sparkling property next to it with the same bedrooms?

Also would an apt. in an 8 plex rent for less than a single family if they were identical in shape and bedrooms? What about things like having W/D connections? Appreciate any input as i am just about to enter the sec 8 program.