seller financing - Posted by Angie

Posted by John Behle on December 13, 1999 at 23:57:31:

The credit check is totally optional. Usually it is the Realtor that suggests one. You don’t have to provide one or even mention it.

In some states (like Utah) a credit report is a required part of the transaction if an agent is involved. Other states are moving that direction.

I’ve bought millions in property via seller financing with no credit check. In other cases, I’ve provided it. Much of the time when they ask for it, I say yes and then move on - and they don’t follow up. My willingness to provide it was enough.

It totally depends on your area and the people you are working with. If credit is a problem, you may be able to provide references from sellers of other deals or professionals in the industry as an alternative. Quickly providing positive information can circumvent a request for credit.

seller financing - Posted by Angie

Posted by Angie on December 13, 1999 at 23:35:47:

When the seller is going to finance the property, do they usually run a credit check? I have found a house that the seller will completly finance, with low down and it needs
some work. I have not seen it yet. Also they will lease it with the option to buy. Thanks