Seller Financing


Hello Gang.

I have the opportunity to purchase a FSBO with seller financing.

Bare bones details are:

I have $1M cash
Property is $1.5M

Would love low payments

What are some creative ways that come to mind to take advantage of this opportunity in a way that is somewhere close to win/win?

Let me know what other details you might need to help me swoop up this beautiful property.





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Bring on a partner who can bridge the gap you need.

Try and have the seller finance up to 45% of the deal.

I am sure that the most obvious one is to have the seller finance the 500k i would say do a 10 year term or 15 yr term with 8% interest.

Of course without knowing the rental income it is hard to say what your are lookingvat trying to keep the finanicing terms to do that you can cash flow properly.

If your able to find terms that the seller would accept get a heloc or business line of credit on the equity and use that to chunk down the principle you would owe.
One idea is to try and get interest only payments or no payments for a year if you have to have to do much value add.