Seller's disclosure statement - Posted by M. R. Eddy

Posted by M. R. Eddy on March 23, 1999 at 09:23:32:

We bought a house that I could tell had some plumbing problems inside the house, and since we were fixing it up it was no big deal.

However, now we have a big deal, because the plumbing problems extend outside and we need a brand new line from the street (property line) to the house. This is going to run between 1-3K. In speaking with the Village officials and neighbors, some said that the seller’s dug up the back yard two and three years ago (two years in a row) because of a break in the main feed line to the house.

My question is, after looking closly at the Seller’s Disclosure Statement (required in MI), they did not say ANYTHING about the plumbing. They actually left it blank. In another section of the statement, they are asked if there are any known problems, and still it was left blank.

Do we have any recourse with the Seller’s?

Thanks for any help.
M. R. Eddy