selling mobile home in college town - Posted by Looking for a broker

Posted by Blane (MI) on February 11, 2001 at 07:50:29:

You do not need “credit” to finance this home yourselves. All you need is a willing buyer with a reasonable downpayment and the ability to get approved by the park. You would want to run a credit report on them as well. Then they would make payments to you just like they would to a bank.

What’s the name of the park in Allendale? I grew up north of there. You likely won’t find anyone on this board willing to come anywhere near to the $17,000 you still owe. For example, I recently bought 2 1985 homes, and the most I paid was $2500. If you want someone here to take it off your hands, you’d have to accept less than what you owe. Depends on how far away you are now, and how badly you want to get rid of it. Good luck, drop me a private email if you’d like to talk further.


selling mobile home in college town - Posted by Looking for a broker

Posted by Looking for a broker on February 11, 2001 at 01:41:00:

Michigan:1988 Holly Park 14x72 with a 10x16 expando. We paid 17,000 2 years ago and still owe 17,000 at the end of the 2 years. We moved across state 8 months ago and are paying double living expenses. We had a buyer that could not finance on her own. We do not have the credit to do it ourselves. Is there anyone out there that is interested in investing. It is a great opportunity in Allendale, Michigan, home of Grand Valley State University–5 minutes away. In addition it is newly remodeled. We have had several people look at it–but they all need help financing.