Services for Checking Credit - Posted by ChuckP

Posted by Ken.K(IL) on February 07, 2000 at 08:52:48:

Hey Jim,approximately(average)how long does it take to get replies for the,credit,criminal,& eviction reports from NTN…?

Services for Checking Credit - Posted by ChuckP

Posted by ChuckP on February 05, 2000 at 14:49:13:

I’m in the process of looking for a service that provides credit research and public records searches for rental purposes. Are their any services anybody could recommend in terms of service and price?


Re: Services for Checking Credit - Posted by Mike No. Fl.

Posted by Mike No. Fl. on February 10, 2000 at 21:30:36:

I found in No Florida “Rent Checker” through our local credit bureau is the best buy around here.
The deal I use is $20.00, It includes 2 yrs residency verification, 2 yrs employment, and public records check. I charge the applicant the $20.00. They can do a criminal history for $25.00. I have had good luck so far.

Re: Services for Checking Credit - Posted by Kristy(MN)

Posted by Kristy(MN) on February 05, 2000 at 22:19:27:

Last year I signed up with a company in KC for
credit checks. $9 to have it sent to my fax. Always
prompt the 4 or 5 times I used them. Northland
Services. The phone # is 800-905-8774. Not sure
what you mean by public records, but there is a
section on public records in the credit report.
Incidently, there is no signup fee. You fill out
a form and mail it back to start your account.

Re: Services for Checking Credit - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on February 05, 2000 at 16:54:09:

There are a ton of these services out there.
I personally use "National Tenant Network."
They have a $35 sign up membership fee, one time only.
From there you can do all the things you have asked about.
In some areas, you an do this online, and in others, there is a fax line to send the application via fax, or a telephone fax back service.
When I run a SS# check (credit only) it is approx. $8/person.
To do criminal, SS#, and eviction reports cost around $20/person.
Since my applicants pay me $25/application, the cost is little if any to me.
This service can also guide you on good screening pratices and how to avoid discrimination.
They can be found at

Also, check out
This is Jeff Taylors website, and he offers some GREAT ideas for landlords to increase there profits as well as good resources for landlords as well.

Hope that helps,
Jim IL