Shazaam - $1200 ?!?!?!?! - Posted by Mark (OK)

Posted by Shaun on February 01, 2001 at 05:51:06:

I agree. Decide first by reading on this site the area of R.E. in which you are most interested, flippers, fixer uppers, rentals, L/Os and then buy or review a course for that area, whether it be LeGrands, Bronochecks or others which are applicable to that area. For example you don’t need all of LeGrands mods at the full price (which is ridiculous) if you concentrate in one area. Buy or review or obtain the appropriate one. You can only absorb so much, especially when you are starting. It makes no sense to throw away money on areas or methods you may never use.

Shazaam - $1200 ?!?!?!?! - Posted by Mark (OK)

Posted by Mark (OK) on January 31, 2001 at 22:26:57:

The LeGrande course for $1200.

Seems like a TON of money. Any reviewers out there? I would like a good course that goes from the basics to the specifics. The money seems a bit steep however. There seem to be plenty of courses A LOT less expensive on this site. I’m looking for Bang-for-the-buck, and something that will prepare me for these dealings as soon as possible.

Any suggestions?


Re: Shazaam - $1200 ?!?!?!?! - Posted by Merle

Posted by Merle on February 02, 2001 at 07:08:18:

Mark …

I cannot tell you about any of the courses being offered today, but $1200 is peanuts!

I am reminded of the people who say something like, “If I can’t get a job by the end of the month, I’ll get my real estate license.” Or, they might suggest some other type of sales situation.

My last “job” ended in 1962 … I was 20 years old. Over the years, I spent more dollars than I can recall on education … sales, management, motivation, etc. Years ago, we donated a pickup load (w/camper shell) full (to the top of the camper) of books, cassette tapes, and seminar materials to a local college library. They calculated an original value into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, that did not include the ones I had loaned out and did not get back.

Even at that, when we began the real estate investing business, we spent about $8,000 for books, tapes, etc. We bought them with the thought that if we found even one new and useful idea, the price was OK. Some had return policies. If the material was simply a rehash of what someone else offered, we returned them.

Perhaps the information might answer an important question as you try to formulate your business plan. Or, maybe it will stimulate your own creativity to see another answer.

Today, our business is pretty much a “cookie-cutter” operation … but, I still read many of the posts here as well as on other sights. Over the recent years, we purchased a couple of courses … resulting in some new directions. We purchased Lonnie Scrugg’s materials on mobile homes … we’ve never bought a mobile home and probably won’t. But, the information is still stored in the data banks of our minds. We probably use that info subconciously in making decisions.

If you plan to make any money in real estate investing, you should open your thoughts to the need for a “college” education in the business. Since no formal college offers this, you will need to obtain the training elsewhere.

You probably need to buy every course offered on this sight as well as any others you can get. You should attend the convention in Atlanta if you have to hitchhike to get there.

Your success in this, or any, business will be in direct proportion to your commitment to learn and apply that knowledge. Many failures result from people looking for an easy way to do it. The ease of doing the business comes after perfecting the plan.

If you find one idea in the $1200 course that leads you to buying a property, you will get your money back many times over. Use that money to buy more education.

Become a “student of,” but not necessarily a “follower of” every successful real estate investor you can find … in person, in books, on tape, on the web, wherever. Only then will you acquire the total education you need to make the real wealth availble in this business.


Re: Shazaam - $1200 ?!?!?!?! - Posted by George

Posted by George on February 01, 2001 at 11:12:16:

IF YOU positevely do not have the money, Go to Ron’s page You will find one good alternative, it is called Fast Cash With Quick-Turn Real Estate Course for $175. It is not as deep as the set of 3 courses, but it can help you start…

DO NOT GET the Cash Flow Generator package. It is cheaper but It is ONLY an introduction, no much information.

However, IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY, get the 3 pack for $1197, it is the most complete deal…

Now, think about this, people go to college spending tens of thousands in education…then you have to find a job…

Here, you can invest $1200, and the potential are hundreds of thousands EVERY YEAR… and you don’t have to go to school for 4 years!

By using the set of tapes and books, PLUS the ideas that you find here in this board, you are much better prepared to make a fortune than going to college…

I think college is neccesary in some aspects, but when it comes to help you to become financially independent, it fails…


If you’re looking for a complete education … - Posted by Rick Wheat

Posted by Rick Wheat on February 01, 2001 at 08:14:03:

you can’t beat Ron’s material. After working for him for over five years, teaching the seminars and working the Hotline, I’m convinced he has the best set of courses out there. Period.

Sure you could only get one of the modules to save a few bucks. But what happens if you concentrate on the ugly Wholesale/Retail houses, and someone comes along with a beautiful house in a great neighborhood that they just want to give you the house to be relieved of the mortgage payment??? You wouldn’t know how to put it together.

Spend the extra money getting a full basic education, then you can have a cheance at making money on nearly every type of deal that comes along. And NO, I don’t get any money for referring customers, (although I might need to work on that).


Rick Wheat

p. s. - If you’d like more information on Ron’s “stuff”, or anything else for that matter, email me and I’ll try to help out.

Re: Shazaam - $1200 ?!?!?!?! - Posted by Jim CA

Posted by Jim CA on February 01, 2001 at 04:31:06:

Well Mark,

If you’re looking for very complete information, I suggest Ron’s. You can work a deal with his sales dept and get that number down to about $1000. OR You can start with baby step by using CS or a number of the other courses mentioned here (Don’t need to list them all). Bronchick and Joe Kaiser is good for starts…

You will need to determine which areas and methods of REI you wish to learn first and start from there.

Good luck!

ps you might look at ebay.

Re: Shazaam - $1200 ?!?!?!?! - Posted by evelyn

Posted by evelyn on February 06, 2001 at 09:25:32:

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. I also have the Legrand Quick-Turn Real estate course. Good info in there.