Sherriff's Title / Deed - Posted by dan

Posted by John Merchantj on July 18, 2003 at 10:05:49:

Wouldn’t say ALL liens, but the tax lien is one that must be paid, or the title is going to be delivered to the buyer of that tax lien if the lien isn’t redeemed in 24 months plus 25% interest, per 12 month period.

So the tax lien buyer doesn’t need to worry that any superior lien is going to wipe out the tax lien. That can’t be done.

Aa a practical matter, if there’s an institutional first D/T, that lender isn’t going to let the RE go to tax sale, is it? NO WAY!

A subordinate lienholder, such as a 2d, or mech. lien holder, might not know he could/should pay those taxes, so you might see RE with one or some of those, but again, as the holder of the tax lien, YOUR rights can’t be hurt, no matter what else is on the RE.

Sherriff’s Title / Deed - Posted by dan

Posted by dan on July 17, 2003 at 15:10:48:

I am considering purchasing a property up for auction in TX that has tax liens on it. Does a sherriff’s title free the property of all liens against it?