SHOOTING FISH IN A BARREL - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - Posted by Terry Vaughan

Posted by roundhouse on September 17, 2004 at 14:43:00:

Going to London for 10 days iwth a group from my church, unless the trip gets cancelled for some reason, so I cant re-arrange,
maybe I can meet later with someone who attended.

SHOOTING FISH IN A BARREL - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - Posted by Terry Vaughan

Posted by Terry Vaughan on September 16, 2004 at 17:48:53:

Shooting Fish In A Barrel!

That’s what we’ll be teaching those who attend the Atlanta 3-Day Mobile Home Workshop how to do!

You know it always amazes me that so many people keep searching the late night TV channels and the book stores for that “magic” formula to riches, when all they really need to learn is some simple principles on how to DO GOOD BUSINESS that they can use over and over again the rest of their lives.

Creative real estate concepts are OLD NEWS! Pros have been using these ideas for many, many years. You just have to spend a little time and money to learn what many others do every day that makes them all the money they will ever need.

You can go to high school and get a good Financial Education, right? Wrong! How about College? Wrong again! No, the only place you can get the type of knowledge you need is from someone who is already doing what you want to learn, making the kind of money you want to make.

Where else can you learn to shoot fish in a barrel?

A few days ago, I received an email from a young man and his wife I ran into only last week. Here?s what he had to say:

?It was great to bump into you at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas! I also wanted to write a few words to thank you for your help and inspiration in my Real Estate career. I just moved my company, Triad Home Buyers, Inc., into a new downtown office in my city of Winston Salem, NC and things are awesome!

Two and half years ago when I went to my first CRE Online Convention in Atlanta, I was broke. I lived in a dump - a rented 1976 12x50 mobile home paying $240 per month. I was driving a 1993 Toyota Station Wagon with 150,000 miles and working on a paving crew paving highways in NC.

Now I live in a 5 bedroom 2 ½ bath house that I own, drive a BMW 740iL, own over 2 million dollars of Real Estate, and have a thriving business buying, selling and renting homes.

I clearly remember talking with you in the restaurant of the hotel at the convention hearing you talk about creative ways to buy and sell property. Also about how you bought and sold portfolios of notes, optioning them and already having a buyer in place netting you hundreds of thousands of dollars using none of your own money. My mind caught fire and I knew I could be successful.

I had done a few deals already but when I got back I was on fire. I did over 30 deals my first year learning my way through each deal. Making some mistakes, but getting wiser and more proficient with each deal. I never looked back.

Now three years after I started, I have a downtown office, a staff of four, make as much money as I dreamed I could and have the lifestyle I always wanted for myself and for my family. My wife and I bumped into you in Vegas, one of our dozen trips we will take this year. We have fallen in love with the freedom to travel and enjoy designer stores and $300 dollar dinners. Thanks again for your site and your motivation!

God bless you,

Scott and Heather Brallier?

I spent ONE evening with Scott and changed his life forever! What did I teach him? The very same principles I’m going to give those who come to the workshop in Atlanta.

You see there are really only three things you have to know to make a whole lot of money!

  1. Where and how to spot a good opportunity. Those who attend the Atlanta workshop will learn where and how.

  2. What to do to make money with that opportunity. Those who attend the Atlanta workshop will learn what to do.

  3. How to close the deal and pocket your profit. Those who attend the Atlanta workshop will learn how to close the deal. I’ll even be giving them the contracts to use.

There is a great opportunity for making money RIGHT NOW, all over this country, that most people and many investors walk right past every day! My very latest deal, of this type, made me over $110,000.00! And, I never put up one dime of my own money! Even my old friend Ed Garcia was amazed at how simple the deal was and how quickly it went together! He said," Terry, my hat is off to you! I have to learn more about what you do!" Those who attend the Atlanta workshop will learn all the details of where to find and do this type of deal.

The simple truth is, There is so much of this type of opportunity out there, I can’t get to it all! Millions of dollars to be made. I can’t even scratch the surface! But others can, If you know what to do.

I’m working another deal RIGHT NOW, as I write, that when closed will put over $500,000.00 in my pocket! Again, I will never put up a dime of my own money! Those who attend the Atlanta workshop will learn where and how to do this deal as well.

Now let’s get real! Do I close every deal I do? Of course not! But I have learned how to spot more of these deals than any one else I know. And for many of you, closing just one of these deals will make your whole year! Those who attend the Atlanta workshop will learn where and how to find these deals.

Now just think about it. If I can teach you (in one day) how to make more money in one deal than most make in a whole year, is that worth the cost of the ticket? Is it worth your time and effort to be there, to also work with two other guys who know more about the Mobile Home business than anyone I know? Lonnie Scruggs and Ray Alcorn will teach for the other two days. How can anyone not get their money’s worth from spending three days hanging out with two guys who make more money in one month than most make in a year! Do you think they have knowledge you would like to have?

Does this post sound like a sales pitch? I HOPE SO!

For those of you still looking for that “magic” formula, THIS IS IT! Good sound business practices you can use to make thousands of dollars, that cost peanuts to learn. AND, the best part - you get to keep and use this knowledge THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

IF I were in your shoes, I would arrange my schedule, no matter how difficult, I would DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO BE THERE! This is that college course that is never offered. This is the knowledge you need to work like a pro, taught by pros, who make a living - Shooting Fish In A Barrel.

Question. - Posted by roundhouse

Posted by roundhouse on September 17, 2004 at 08:57:21:

I will for sure be able to attend the Thurs nite and Fri workshops, but I am supposed to be flying out of the Atl Airport late Fri nite.

any way to get a copy of the part of the workshop I wont be able to attend?

Re: Question. - Posted by Terry Vaughan

Posted by Terry Vaughan on September 17, 2004 at 09:56:33:

The workshop is Friday Saturday and Sunday, so I’m afraid you will miss two days not one.

Maybe go next year?

Or, IF its important for you to get this information, rearrange?