Shorter phrase for "single family house" - Posted by Bryan in Cali

Posted by Fred K.B. (SoCal) on March 11, 2002 at 18:20:06:

This is probably a regional issue, use whatever people in your area call a single family house. If you try to get too tricky, and use a shortened phrase in an attempt to save a few bucks in ad fees, you might be wasting all your money because your target audience might not be able to decipher the phrase.

The saying “penny wise, dollar foolish” jumps to mind.

Example, here in southern California a duplex is understood to be 2 units in one building. In NYC a duplex is an apartment with 2 floors. Big difference!

When you place an ad, even to buy, you’re marketing. Clear communication is key, use language your market is familiar with.

Good luck!

Shorter phrase for “single family house” - Posted by Bryan in Cali

Posted by Bryan in Cali on March 11, 2002 at 18:00:01:

I’m writing my lease options ad, and I need a shorter term for “single family house”. I want to indicate that I’m only interested in SFH’s, but I have to pay by the line, so I need something that will fit. Ad goes something like:

Fed up landlord?
[here is where I want to indicate only SFH’s]
A lease purchase
is the solution
you’ve been looking
for! [phone number]
[web site, maybe?]

Any ideas? “Detached house”, maybe?