Someone please help....FAST!!! - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on February 12, 2002 at 18:59:27:

Here is what the “buyer’s Inspection Amendment” says…
Buyer shall, at buyer’s expense have 14 days from the date of acceptance whithin which to obtain an inspection of the premises by a disinterested reputable individual(s) or company qualified in such matters. If such reports reveals that the roof, or the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sewage or electrical systems are not in good repair and/or reasonable working order or thet the premises has material structural damage, then the buyer shall have 7 days from the date of inspection to submit a written repair amendment to the seller supported by the attached inspection report.

The repair amendment(that would maybe save us)was not added by the advice of the realator beacuse “we don’t want to cause any problems over little things” Also, our realator gave us information about what the buyer had discussed with their agent, which was received from the seller’s agent. Is this wrong?

Someone please help…FAST!!! - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on February 12, 2002 at 18:29:07:

Here is my story…(Illinios if the state matters?)
I found a house that I wanted to buy and decided to make an offer on. So, being my first house and not knowing how the system worked, when my realator asked me how much I would spend on this particular house…I told him. I have now learned that they are bound by law to tell this information to the seller’s agent. Well, could you imagine that there lowest price and my highest price just seemed to work out great. To our regret, we went ahead and signed the agreement. Now this is where it gets bad. On the day of the buyer’s home inspection I decided to measure the room and compare the dimensions with the ones listed on the MLS sheet. They were on average a foot short in each direction for every room listed and as much as 3.5 feet off in some cases. Therefore, I want to cancel the contract because this falsified information on the MLS sheet which was given to us by the listing company influenced our agreed on price. All told there is a difference of 200 finished sq. feet and 100 sq. feet in the garage.

Can I get out of this deal? Any advice is appreciated.


Re: Someone please help…FAST!!! - Posted by Sally(WA)

Posted by Sally(WA) on February 12, 2002 at 18:37:34:

First off, most MLS listings say ‘buyer to verify information provided’. That said, what does your contract say about the inspection? Does it say that you have so many days within the inspection to cancel the contract if there is something not to your satisfaction? Did you do the inspection yourself or did you hire someone? Did your contract state specify a ‘professional’ inspection?

Have you considered renegotiating the contract? I have done that before when an inspection turned up defects and was able to get a fairly substantial price consession.

Just my 2 cents.