Somewhat started, BUT..... Please Help - Posted by Octavia-IL

Posted by Stewart on July 25, 2003 at 24:02:13:

I haven’t done anything yet, but from reading here, it seems you would just assign the contract for your fee, assuming you got it as assignable.

Somewhat started, BUT… Please Help - Posted by Octavia-IL

Posted by Octavia-IL on July 22, 2003 at 22:36:46:

Dear friends, first I would like to say that I have gotten so excited since I have found this website. You guys are truly amazing, you can really learn from anothers exprience.
nuff said.
I have started looking at properties and I have a attorney that does simultaneous/double closings. I have my option to purchase agreement (from, also one from an agent)the listings that I have found were from teh newspaper, some are being sold as handyman specials, I have driven the neighborhoods to look at these properties.

?, I called a title co. & asked about simultaneous/double closings, and she stated I need to have papers(ownership) that stated I am the owner before I can sell to a rehab specialist. Is this true, I have to pay to have my name on the title first?

I may sound nieave but, should my sequence of events be:
find wholeseller (create a list)
find properties
search comps
make an offer
should I be concerned with title searches(clean title), If I plan on flipping?

plan to close in thirty days or less

If I am doing a double closing,I assume one after the other, am I closing with my seller first, then my wholeseller? If so, then at what point will my seller get his payout?

Thanks in advance!
I have read soo much here, and I would like to make sure I am on the right track.