Start-up Money - Posted by Greg

Posted by roger reynoso on August 22, 2000 at 12:30:14:

I need help w/ my credit card’s

Start-up Money - Posted by Greg

Posted by Greg on June 15, 2000 at 21:02:51:

Great site, loads of information. Need advice regarding start up money.
Myself and a partner are diving into the business. Books are ordered and already have good leads on buyers and sellers. Looking for best way to finance this venture. Have money in retirement accounts, but will take a big hit if withdrawn.
Any ideas to address this issue would be helpful. Lines of credit, etc…

Re: Start-up Money - Posted by Kristine

Posted by Kristine on June 16, 2000 at 24:39:57:

Greg: you might want to go to the many good suggestions to my post below on June 2 “Help–Need ideas for upfront money”. There are loads of suggestions there from experienced people: working lines of credit, financing, borrowing, selling your notes, and many other good ideas.

Hope this helps get your creative juices going–Kristine

Re: Start-up Money - Posted by bwhite-tn

Posted by bwhite-tn on June 15, 2000 at 21:40:30:


Roll IRA funds to a Self- Directed IRA with Entrust, Mid- Ohio, or equivalent. No Tax or penalty for early withdrawal. They will walk you thru with the paper work.

Outside IRA Home equity line or credit card if you are disciplined to control cost and fast pay back.
Freinds,relatives loans at 10% to 18%

These are good starter ideas.