Starting out - Posted by Ian

Posted by Ian on August 08, 2003 at 19:28:30:

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

Starting out - Posted by Ian

Posted by Ian on August 08, 2003 at 14:10:17:

I recently got married and two weeks later lost my job. I have been out
of work for a couple of months now and have come across Carleton
Sheet’s course.

I wanted to know if anyone could tell me how long it would take to
become comoirtable with this material and whether being near a major
metroplitan city is a factor in success/failure of the methods prescribed
in the course.

I am 31 years old and really don’t have the capital to invest nor the
ability to suffer any substantial losses. If the course does all that
it says in the infomercial it would appear I am a typical candidate for
success. But I still have reservations. Can it really work?

I am not looking for a mentor or partner, I am looking for some honest
advice and direction.

I look forward to hearing from you.

It’s All In Your Head - Posted by marty newstead

Posted by marty newstead on August 23, 2003 at 20:05:49:

There’s enough information on the internet to make money you can sink a cyber battleship! A LOT of the stuff works! And a lot of it is CRAP! How do you sort through all this stuff? First, it’s really great that you ask this question. That’s a step in the right direction. You’ll find TONS of information on this message board, but it’s STILL a lot to sift through. This board has gotten SO big and SO busy, it’s almost overkill here too! You want to boil everything back down to the basics. Check out some good free sites that offer a good “PLAN” for you education into making money. Check out sites that help out beginners step by step. My two top favorites are and Then after you have a good PLAN or road map, you’ll know what KIND of information to look for on a HUGE site like this. You might even decide to buy a good course or two to speed up your learning curve. Hope that helps! Best of luck to you!

Re: Starting out- Ron Star - Posted by Linda Simms

Posted by Linda Simms on August 21, 2003 at 19:31:47:

I recommend you put beginer and Ron Starr in the search and read Ron’s advise to beginers. It is straight on. Perhaps Ron will post and give you some encouragement?

Re: Starting out - Posted by Earl

Posted by Earl on August 10, 2003 at 08:01:13:

I am a Sheets course veteran, and just my $0.02: Step 1 is get a job. The Sheets course almost certainly will not proovide the short-term cash you need. Too many variables in individual situations, including luck (or lack of it).

Step 2 is read this website, see what parts of REI appeal to you.

Step N (if you find you’re interested in buy-and-hold) is buy the Sheets course (not the mentoring. On e-bay should cost maybe $200 tops, probably less.)

Then once you decide from the above what kind of REI you want to do, start small, but start. Don’t be like many newbies and be scared of what people here say, so that you get analysis paralysis and you never start at all.

Your goal with your first one isn’t so much to make money as to learn how to make money without breaking the bank - develop confidence and smarts. Then over time, continue and build wealth.

I am a very part-time buy and hold person. That technique is a good lifetime tool to build wealth. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Good luck.

Re: Starting out - Posted by RichV(FL)

Posted by RichV(FL) on August 08, 2003 at 17:53:40:


REI is not an easy business. Does the CS course work? NO. The work part is up to you.

In my opinion the CS course is a good way to get your feet wet in the Real Estate business.

I have the course myself and have pulled out a lot of information about REI in it. Just dont try to use it as a cookbook. Use it as a guideline and find your niche.

After you read it through you may want to explore other authors for different points of view. Another good thing to do is join a local REI club and network with investors in your area.

You can become a success in this business if you take the time and educate yourself and come to the fact that you will NOT get rich overnight.

Great Success,


Re: Starting out - Posted by Ian

Posted by Ian on August 10, 2003 at 10:19:00:

Thanks Earl

I did get hold of the cours on e-bay. I guess I saved a bit of
money that way. I am seeing this as a long term course not a get
rich quick (I bought a lottery ticket for that!!!)

Obviously getting a job is my main priority at the moment. I am
just looking for something long term to build equity and value for
myself and my family.

Look forward to reading from you in the future.