Stay at work or 1099 - Posted by James

Posted by Michael Grohowski on March 05, 2002 at 12:26:11:

You can still qualify for loans being a 1099.
If you file a tax return, which I hope you do as its the law and your assets make sense with what your tax returns show and other factos such as credit scores all make sense getting you a loan is easy to do.
FICO 630 - 650 isn’t a major issue or problem…
Email me and lets see what we can do.
When you email me - tell me the state you are from and details about the transaction / what you are trying to do…

Stay at work or 1099 - Posted by James

Posted by James on March 04, 2002 at 18:10:58:

I have the opportunity to get a new job. I’m making Mid 60’s now, and could make 110k with the new job. The problem is this is as a 1099 employee. Being a 1099 employee is good as I get more cash, but bad as I can no longer qualify for loans. Although I suppose stated income loans are a possibility.

Anyway, what do you think this will do as far as my financing abilities go. I have good credit but not great 630-650. How has going self employed helped or hurt you?