Stefanchik Method - Posted by Ken Edge

Posted by Mr. Jason Channing, Nashville on June 11, 1999 at 01:30:27:


Right here on this site is some of the best “paper game” coaching you can find in the industry.

John Behle’s “Cash Flow Forum” is a click away, and numerous other experts in paper monitor this board daily. Behle a diamond, Stefanchik is a rhinestone.

Also, J.P. has very good material in her books and courses section.

If you want to see more, just to be sure you have not missed anything, check out the sites below.

The Paper Source is as close to being the “CREOnline” of note brokering as we have on the web, and a subscription to their newsletter will get you an annualy updated, nationwide directory of “take-out buyers” such as you seek.

Or, you can order the directory for something like $15.

Like CREOnline, they are also a mail-order source of the books, tapes, manuals and transaction forms from the genuine experts in “the Paper Game”.

You can buy a ton of really professional material from CREOnline, The Paper Source, Noteworthy, etc. with the cash Stefanchik wants from you.

And, you don’t even need it all to do a whole lot more than his training will teach you to do, which boils down to “bird-dogging” for him, and splitting with him.

You will find that the real professionals regard Stefanchik as a scammer.

Note brokering is a good business—Go For It!

Mr. Jason Channing
Nashville, Tennessee



Stefanchik Method - Posted by Ken Edge

Posted by Ken Edge on June 10, 1999 at 14:02:36:

To: M.Austin,
I just recently bought John’s book and Video. After
receiving it I was called at home by one of his
associates in an attempt to sell me his "Study Course"
and Software for a cost of $1,045. The salesman seemed
nice enough but when I asked him to send me any other
supporting literature…he said that he didn’t have any
nor did the company have a Brochure outling what the
company was selling. This made me a little skeptical
that they could not provide me any further info other
than his phone call. I am somwwhat familiar with the
business of buying paper…but I like the idea of being
able to re-sell it to a professional organization in
large quantities. I am still in the evaluation stage
of the Stefanchik program at the present time. What
can you tell me about other people in the organization?
Are any of them sucessful…making money? Could you
provide any names, phone numbers of these people? I
am not a hard-nosed skeptic but I do require some back
up information when I am asked to spend $1,000. I need
some supporting evidence that these people do indeed do
what they say they will do for me. As you know every-
one tells you that their program is the best…some are
but a lot of them aren’t what they appear to be. I
would really appreciate any assistance that you could
provide me to fairly evaluate this opportunity. I am
on-the-go most of the time so reaching me is very
difficult but it would be easy to reply by E-Mail.
Kindest Regards,
Ken Edge, Augusta, Ga. KEdge@Concentric.Net