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Posted by SCook85 on June 19, 1999 at 15:21:10:

As far as my contracts go I generally use the Maryland Board of Realtors contract and I cross out the “non-assignability” clause. I get very little resistance from other realtors when I use this contract. I don’t put any special clauses in it. I’m not advising others to do the same. I don’t use weasal clauses but I have gotten to a point where I can settle on all my deals if I don’t find another investor to flip to. In the beginning I gambled by not having these weasal clauses but I was relentless in finding buyers to take them off my hands.
The only book that I read in the early going when I got started was Ron Legrands “Fast Cash in quick turn real estate”. It is a good book to teach you the basics. I learned most of what I know right here on this site by asking questions and doing. As I was in the middle of deals I would come here to ask questions to get to the next step. You are off to a good start by doing some deals, you just need to keep moving forward with them.
There are a number of courses on this site dedicated to retailing, wholesaling and fixer uppers. All of them will teach you the processes, it’s just up to you to use what you learn.


Steve cook wannabe - Posted by Dan kelley Fl

Posted by Dan kelley Fl on June 19, 1999 at 11:16:05:

Hi steve,Your chat room transcript was Incredible. How do I go about getting started In doing flips and how do word your contracts.Is there any books you read to get you started.Im a beginner In cre,but I have done 3 sfh that I L/o and 4 lonnie deals.I have read Kiyosaki books and they have open my eyes also.I want to learn more about flips. Any help would be great.
Thanks, Dan kelley