''SUBJECT TO'' where to find info? - Posted by Marty

Posted by JohnWe (NoCA) on January 20, 2000 at 20:30:18:

Granted, I don’t have a huge resource library of books and courses, but the best course I’ve come across thus far is Bill Bronchick’s Nuts & Bolts of Real Estate. Good background info on all areas of RE including Subject To, plus sample contracts.

There’s lots of theories on taking a property subject to, but before long you’ll hear about land trusts. Bill covers this topic also in his Nuts & Bolts course, but a cheaper way to get an introduction is in the How To Articles of this website. Check out:

How To Beat the “Due On Sale” Clause parts 1 & 2, and How to Safely Assume Non-Assumable Loans…

Hope this helps.

‘‘SUBJECT TO’’ where to find info? - Posted by Marty

Posted by Marty on January 20, 2000 at 20:14:43:

Hello everyone,
Where can I find a lttle more detailed info on an owner assigning me a deed subject to taking over the existing financing?Would like to utilize this method but I want to study up on it first.Would like to know what I’m talking about well enough that I can comfortably explain it to a seller and show them how this would help them out and be a win/win situation.Thank you.
God bless